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Hung “Hung”

hung hung

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of this review, let me explain to you the band that is, Hung. Lyris Hung, yes her last name is in fact the origin of the band’s name, plays violin (most notably for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bryan Adams, and the Indigo Girls). Jon …

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Meshuggah “Koloss”

meshuggah koloss

Koloss, the highly anticipated new release from Meshuggah picks up where Meshuggah left of with Obzen, though darker and more sparse, the frenetic madness is there in a more spare form. Koloss is like stripping something to it’s marrow to reveal what makes it tick from the inside out. The …

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Anathema “Weather Systems”

anathema weather systems

Sometimes the only way to find music that really holds onto you and speaks to you is to take a chance on it.  That is precisely what I did here, and I am glad I did.  Anathema hails from Liverpool, England (GO REDS!) and in their original incantation, led the …

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Ever Forthright “Ever Forthright”

Ever Forthright - Ever Forthright

Every now and then, reviewing one of the albums that I have selected proves to be a frustrating endeavor.  Such is the case with Ever Forthright’s debut self-titled release.  This six piece progressive metal project from Long Island, New York is oozing with talent that begs to be recognized, but …

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Sigh “In Somniphobia”

Sigh - In Somniphobia

What’s better on a gloomy Wednesday afternoon than some Japanese black metal?  Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, you can pass on this album. “In Somniphobia” is the latest installment from veteran Japanese black metallers Sigh – the first metal band that I can think of to incorporate a …

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Best And Worst Of 2011 – Apex Predator Style

THE BEST The year 2011 wasn’t as bad for metal as I had initially feared. In all honesty, I did not listen to half of the albums that were released last year, but from what I did hear, the following (in no particular order) were my favorites: Sylosis – Edge …

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Sylosis “Edge of the Earth”

Sylosis - Edge Of The Earth

The biggest concern I had when I learned of the new Sylosis album, Edge of the Earth, was about what the band would do with departing vocalist Jamie Graham. Founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, stepped up to the plate and decided to take over vocals as well as …

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A Life Once Lost with Bob Meadows

Thrash Magazine decided to have a quick chat with Bob Meadows (vocalist) in A Life Once Lost. We ended up getting some information about the up and coming release, the Seasons of Mist move and more. Hopefully we will chat again once the band gets closer to release time, fall 2011. …

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