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10 Saddest Metal Songs

This is a list of some of my favorite “sad” metal/hardcore/punk songs. Some are angry, some about death or suicide and some just plain sad. Let me know your thoughts and recommend some as well. I tried to compile these songs without Black & Doom metal, since well, they should …

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Best of 2007 – DonnieCake Style

Between the Buried and Me

2007 for me was a year of new turning points in music all together. You saw the fad of metalcore steady out and more bands rising out of that thankfully, with new rhythms and a better direction. The metal world grew for the better this year, unlike in 2006 I …

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Modern Life Is War “Midnight In America”

Modern Life Is War are back with their third album, a follow up to “Witness”, entitled “Midnight In America”. Modern Life Is War have grown steadily since their first works of “My Love, My Way”. Each album has a certain appeal to it that no other hardcore bands bring to …

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