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Ace Augustine “The Absolute”

Some albums sound really promising on their first listen, but on subsequent spins you start to notice your enthusiasm waning.  I have encountered many releases that fit into this category, and it’s always a bit disappointing when it happens.  On one hand, you really recognize the talent that a band …

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Emmure “Speaker Of The Dead”

I’ll start this by coming clean – I’ve never paid any attention to Emmure in the past.  I never really knew much of what they were about, but I gave Felony a spin and was completely turned off, so I just left it at that and never returned.  Well, now …

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Best of 2010 – DonnieCake Style

Alcest - Ecailles de Lune

This was a surprisingly good year in metal. The metalcore and deathcore scenes became completely overrun and ruined, but that’s ok because we don’t care about them anymore anyways. We, or at least I, saw a huge resurgence in straight up metal, and black metal didn’t have a bad year …

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We Came As Romans “To Plant A Seed”

We Came As Romans - To Plant A Seed

Now here’s an album that makes me regret screamo ever existing.  In the end of last year, We Came As Romans released their debut LP To Plant A Seed, and it’s a mixture of promising arrangements and growls over some of the worst emo singing to ever hit the market. …

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Burnt by the Sun “Heart of Darkness”

The final album from Burnt By The Sun has the band going out strong. Heart of Darkness is probably as representative of their sound as any of their albums could be. The heavy riffs are there, the hardcore style vocals and beats, and the straightforward guitars all combine in their …

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Metal that Changed the Decade

Celtic Frost - Monotheist

Below I have compiled a list of music that I feel has changed the way metal was presented, the way it was looked at and what it has become. Metal has become a part of my life beyond anything I would have thought when I started this site (originally Metal …

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Emmure “Felony”

Emmure’s Felony and I started off on the wrong foot.  It’s the word Felony itself.  My mind conjures up statements like: I’m a criminal, a bad ass, this record is so brutal we should be in jail.  I hear Scott Ian saying, “I’m so bad, I should be in detention”  …

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