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Shadows Fall “Fire From The Sky”

shadows fall fire from the sky

Over the last decade or so, Shadows Fall have become one of the most prominent faces for American heavy metal.  They garnered much attention and found a fan in me with their albums Of One Blood and The Art Of Balance, which showcased their fast, melodic guitar work and crushing …

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Veil of Maya “Eclipse”


Veil of Maya is a deathcore, metalcore band from Illinois, signed with Sumerian records. Eclipse is the fourth full length from Veil of Maya, and it is very much Veil of Maya in terms of sound and composition. Consistency is a good thing however, when you find something that works …

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Caliban “I Am Nemesis”


I am Nemesis is another metalcore album from German band Caliban. I am Nemesis is pretty standard metalcore at it’s base, with some unfortunate keyboard drones and sound samples that would have been more interesting over music with more of an edge to it. The clean vocals are problematic at …

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Bleeding Through “The Great Fire”

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

Will Bleeding Through’s latest effort be another step in the right direction or scare off fans like “The Truth” did? The self titled album released a few years back was an excellent step for the metalcore masters Bleeding Through. To me, “The Great Fire” is the wrong direction. The previous …

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Trivium “In Waves”

Trivium - In Waves

Trivium’s latest release comes just as one thing becomes very apparent in mainstream metal:  the genre is flatlining.  In a part of the metal genre where most songs sound like choices from a choose-your-own-adventure book,  I hope that the highly anticipated “In Waves” would bring to rest the notion that …

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Unearth “Darkness in the Light”

Unearth are back to form with Darkness in the Light. The songwriting has attained more aggression, and Phipps sounds as good as he ever has. Still very much metalcore, there is a lot of melody on this album. It’s almost as if they are sneaking it in wherever they can, …

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Caliban “Coverfield”

Coverfield is a four song EP by German metalcore band Caliban. This is really just for Caliban fans and those fans that also like the four songs on the EP at that. It’s not really a great representation of Caliban as a band, it’s more like, though less successful than, …

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Farewell To Freeway “Filthy Habits”

Farewell To Freeway is yet another band that is new to me but has a fairly extensive catalog. They have been releasing albums for 11 years now (5 of them for Victory Records), but I haven’t had the chance to check them out until their latest release, Filthy Habits. Farewell …

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A Life Once Lost with Bob Meadows

Thrash Magazine decided to have a quick chat with Bob Meadows (vocalist) in A Life Once Lost. We ended up getting some information about the up and coming release, the Seasons of Mist move and more. Hopefully we will chat again once the band gets closer to release time, fall 2011. …

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