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IKillYa “Recon”

This past winter I discovered a band named IKillYa from New York. This discovery made my brutal New England Winter worth living through since my ears fell upon a band that I think have the potential to rise to the top of the metal/hardcore world. After listening to this EP …

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Bermuda “Isolationist(s)”

When I received the new Bermuda album for review, I thought that I was about to listen to the deathcore band from Australia that was formerly known as Knife To A Gunfight. The album Isolationist(s) is in fact deathcore, so I stayed with this perception for the first few spins, …

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Farewell To Freeway “Filthy Habits”

Farewell To Freeway is yet another band that is new to me but has a fairly extensive catalog. They have been releasing albums for 11 years now (5 of them for Victory Records), but I haven’t had the chance to check them out until their latest release, Filthy Habits. Farewell …

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Pestilence “Doctrine”

Pestilence’s sixth studio album, “Doctrine” brings fresh blood to the tired, marginally inspired music being released around us.  Everywhere I turn, more and more metal based bands emerge.  As a result, each band starts to sound more and more like the next, leaving listeners with plenty of music to listen …

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As Blood Runs Black “Instinct”

As Blood Runs Black - Instinct

Everyone loves a good comeback story. As Blood Runs Black has been lying dormant since 2006 when they released Allegiance. I remember the album being fairly popular at that time, due to the fact that deathcore wasn’t as oversaturated as it is now (in fact, I’m pretty sure people were …

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The Human Abstract “Digital Veil”

The Human Abstract - Digital Veil

Before listening to this album, I have actually only very briefly listened to The Human Abstract. However, this album has made me want to venture out and find some older material. Digital Veil puts you on a ride like no other and that will surely grow on you. From what …

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Septic Flesh “The Great Mass”

Back in 2008, fresh after their reunion shows Septic Flesh shocked the metal world with the release of “Communion”. Nothing less that astonishing, the 4 piece death/goth/black metallers brought together the genre with a near perfect blend of a classical orchestra as well. “Communion” was, to me, the be all, …

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