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Throwdown “Venom And Tears”

Throwndown are back once again with a heavy hitting album called “Venom & Tears”. “Venom & Tears” is Throwdown’s fifth studio album, and latest out on Trustkill Records. For a band with constant lineup changes, Throwdown have managed to survive, although they are basically a different band than when they …

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Modern Life Is War “Midnight In America”

Modern Life Is War are back with their third album, a follow up to “Witness”, entitled “Midnight In America”. Modern Life Is War have grown steadily since their first works of “My Love, My Way”. Each album has a certain appeal to it that no other hardcore bands bring to …

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The Warriors “Genuine Sense Of Outrage”

The Warriors - Genuine Sense of Outrage

With a new label at their disposal, The Warriors are back with their follow-up to “Beyond The Noise”, entitled “Genuine Sense Of Outrage”. This new effort is a step in the right direction from a band already following a solid path to success. “Genuine Sense Of Outrage” is just that, …

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Evergreen Terrace “Wolfbiker”

Metal Blade Records decided to sign the ever furious hardcore/punk/metal act Evergreen Terrace a little while ago. With about 750 albums under their belts (might be a bit of an exaggeration), they figured they might still have some guts in them. Well Wolfbiker is something to take to the streets …

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Deadlock “Wolves”

Deadlock - Wolves

One of the greatest kept secrets of the past 8 or so years has been the German band known as Deadlock. Crossing together many forms of music as well as being able to play with the highest level of ability is what they do. Fusing together the lines of hardcore, …

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Freya “Lift the Curse”

Freya - Lift the Curse

Freya are back, and back with a bang. After a long wait (at least it was for me) ‘Lift the Curse’ has been released. This album combines all the things you loved in past Freya-style releases, and adds a lot more hardcore vocals. ‘Lift the Curse’ is much throatier to …

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Emmure “Goodbye To The Gallows”

Emmure’s first effort on Victory Records, entitled ‘Goodbye To The Gallows’, is a fast paced crash course in violence. From the start to the finish, this album brings you down a journey of death and doesn’t give up for one moment. What I like about Emmure could be what some …

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