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Hope Lane Is A Dead End “Illuminate”

Reviewing Hope Lane Is A Dead End was definitely an experience I was not banking on.  When I started listening to their new EP, Illuminate, and heard the standard no-frills metalcore sound everyone’s come to expect from the underground, my expectations for the album dropped to zero.  However, the more …

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Chelsea Grin “Chelsea Grin”

Chelsea Grin is a band that I desperately want to like.  Their name comes from a type of facial scar that was made famous by Heath Ledger’s Joker in last year’s “The Dark Knight” (it’s more commonly known as a Glasgow Smile, which I honestly think would have been a …

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400colpi “Homo Homini Lupus”

When some people hear the term “metalcore” used to describe a new band, their eyes roll back into their heads and their search for a new insult will culminate into a sigh.  In all honesty, I can’t blame them, for it is a genre that is already overcrowded and practically …

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Best of 2008 – DonnieCake Style

Medeia - Cult

Well I must agree with Robby on this one, year 2008 was a pretty un-stellar year in the world of metal/hardcore/punk. With few notable releases it truly made the good stand out and the bad completely suck. My top ten is comprised of a few different genres and all of …

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From A Second Story Window “Conversations”

From a Second Story Window - Conversations

Ahh yes, a new album from the beloved ‘From A Second Story Window’. Anyone who didn’t appreciate or like “Delenda” is pretty much a fool. Anyways, rumors speculated around at this years metalfest (New England) that when they didn’t show they broke up (scary stuff). Although it looks good to …

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Best of 2007 – DonnieCake Style

Between the Buried and Me

2007 for me was a year of new turning points in music all together. You saw the fad of metalcore steady out and more bands rising out of that thankfully, with new rhythms and a better direction. The metal world grew for the better this year, unlike in 2006 I …

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The Ocean “Precambrian”

The Ocean Collective, most commonly known as The Ocean, but since there is 14,000 other “ocean” bands out there are officially called The Ocean Collective are a progressive hardcore/metal act out of Germany. In 2007 they released ‘Precambrian’, a 2 CD album featuring 14 songs and clocking in over 80 …

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Animosity “Animal”

Animosity - Animal

Animosity is back with their third effort, entitled ‘Animal’. Formed around 2000, they have released some pretty brutal albums, both of which are scene setters in the deathcore community. ‘Set It Off’ and ‘Empires’ are solid albums, with little to criticize. In comes ‘Animal’, produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at …

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