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Freya “All Hail The End”

Freya - All Hail The End

Freya’s All Hail the End reminded me right away of Mastodon for some reason.  It’s not really very much like Mastodon at all, but the first things that stuck out are the medium tempo sections and mix of melodic doom-y guitars over Karl Buechner’s mostly raspy vocals.  Any comparison to …

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10 Saddest Metal Songs

This is a list of some of my favorite “sad” metal/hardcore/punk songs. Some are angry, some about death or suicide and some just plain sad. Let me know your thoughts and recommend some as well. I tried to compile these songs without Black & Doom metal, since well, they should …

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Hester Prynne “The Goswell Divorce”

Hester Prynne - The Goswell Divorce

Hester Prynne is a prime example of why the current deathcore scene still has a chance at credibility.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to make sure that I specify that I am getting sick and tired of using “deathcore” as a genre-describing adjective for pretty …

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3 Bands I Want Back

Everyday a 200 new bands are formed and 200 old bands disappear, it’s the world of metal as all of us know it. Most of this happen without any of our knowledge or care since they didn’t make it out of their parent’s garage. However, some of these bands do …

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Through Solace “The World On Standby”

Screamo metalcore bands generally have a lack of middle ground.  Either you like the genre and you’re into it, or you want to drag the singer out back and shoot him in the head.  Oddly enough, Through Solace have managed to fall somewhat dead-center in my mental rating scale, making …

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Hatebreed “For The Lions”

When I was given the new Hatebreed album For The Lions to review, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I must admit: I was a very big fan of Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire-era Hatebreed, but I kind of fell off the wagon shortly afterwards.  Now, I have always …

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Seneca “Reflections”

Seneca - Reflections

Deathcore has quickly become the new metalcore, and it’s not far from bursting at the seams.  It seems as if every day, a new act gets together and starts trying to make a name for themselves in the genre.  And why shouldn’t they?  It’s the current best of all worlds …

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