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As Blood Runs Black “Instinct”

As Blood Runs Black - Instinct

Everyone loves a good comeback story. As Blood Runs Black has been lying dormant since 2006 when they released Allegiance. I remember the album being fairly popular at that time, due to the fact that deathcore wasn’t as oversaturated as it is now (in fact, I’m pretty sure people were …

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Gideon “Costs”

The name Gideon can mean a few things in Hebrew:  “destroyer”, “mighty warrior”, “crazy ass motherfucker that knocks down trees” (not kidding).  Knowing that, I kind of knew what to expect when I received the new Gideon record for review, titled Costs.  It gives me great pleasure to report that it …

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Swamp Thing “Swamp Thing”

Swamp Thing - Swamp Thing

Short, punishing and what hardcore is supposed to be (in my eyes). I am talking about Swamp Thing’s up and coming self-titled 7″. This 4 song release follows up their full length “In Shame” and builds upon on the great things it started. Unfortunately I won’t be writing much about …

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Agnostic Front “My Life My Way”

Agnostic Front, a name that has defined NY hardcore forever, or at least since the 80’s which at times seems like forever, is back with a new release, My Life My Way. It’s been a while since we have heard from Agnostic Front, and even longer since they have released …

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Ace Augustine “The Absolute”

Some albums sound really promising on their first listen, but on subsequent spins you start to notice your enthusiasm waning.  I have encountered many releases that fit into this category, and it’s always a bit disappointing when it happens.  On one hand, you really recognize the talent that a band …

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The Warriors “See How You Are”

clink, clink, clink… warriors, come out to play-a… clink, clink, clink… warriors, come out to play-a… The Warriors are a hardcore, punk/rock band with a definite pre-metalcore sound. If you are bored with post punk and find metalcore tedious The Warriors may be the cure for that situation. The fifth …

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Emmure “Speaker Of The Dead”

I’ll start this by coming clean – I’ve never paid any attention to Emmure in the past.  I never really knew much of what they were about, but I gave Felony a spin and was completely turned off, so I just left it at that and never returned.  Well, now …

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Best of 2010 – DonnieCake Style

Alcest - Ecailles de Lune

This was a surprisingly good year in metal. The metalcore and deathcore scenes became completely overrun and ruined, but that’s ok because we don’t care about them anymore anyways. We, or at least I, saw a huge resurgence in straight up metal, and black metal didn’t have a bad year …

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