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King Giant “Dismal Hollow”

King Giant - Dismal Hollow

King Giant has managed to make a modern sounding Black Sabbath sound and hit it out of the park with “Dismal Hollow.” 8 tracks of southern greatness, with elements of doom and groove metal intertwined throughout. As you listen to this album in its entirety, you get a sense of …

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Lamb of God “Resolution”


So far from what I have read and heard, a lot of people aren’t too big on this album. I, personally, am actually a fan of how this band has progressed through out their career and still enjoy the music they make, whether they have “gone mainstream” or not. Anyways, …

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IKillYa “Recon”

This past winter I discovered a band named IKillYa from New York. This discovery made my brutal New England Winter worth living through since my ears fell upon a band that I think have the potential to rise to the top of the metal/hardcore world. After listening to this EP …

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Skinlab with Steev Esquivel

1. 2009-2011 looked to be a tough set of years for stabilizing a guitarist; you went through 3 that I know of. Are there specific reasons for this? Also, moving forward do you plan to continue on as only a 3 piece or are you picking up a second guitarist? …

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The Haunted “Unseen”

After the release of “One Kill Wonder” and the departure of Marco Aro in 2003, The Haunted have been slowly evolving their sound since the return of Peter Dolving. With the next three releases, “rEVOLVEr” (2004), “The Dead Eye” (2006), and “Versus” (2008), you can hear The Haunted slowly straying …

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DevilDriver “Beast”

I’m going to go against the trend I’ve seen in reviews of Beast and say that even though Beast may be harder, heavier, and faster for DevilDriver it stills falls short of what could be called “extreme” metal. Beast is a bit more aggressive than Pray for Villains and The …

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