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Chelsea Grin “Chelsea Grin”

Chelsea Grin is a band that I desperately want to like.  Their name comes from a type of facial scar that was made famous by Heath Ledger’s Joker in last year’s “The Dark Knight” (it’s more commonly known as a Glasgow Smile, which I honestly think would have been a …

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Whisteria Cottage “Heathen”

Whisteria Cottage is a band in a somewhat overpopulated scene, deathcore. Since bands like Suicide Silence, Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel took off so did 3000 start up bands that want to be ANGRY, ANGRY and more ANGRY. The more chugga and grunts the better. Well this scene, to …

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From A Second Story Window “Conversations”

From a Second Story Window - Conversations

Ahh yes, a new album from the beloved ‘From A Second Story Window’. Anyone who didn’t appreciate or like “Delenda” is pretty much a fool. Anyways, rumors speculated around at this years metalfest (New England) that when they didn’t show they broke up (scary stuff). Although it looks good to …

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Suicide Silence “The Cleansing”

Suicide Silence are back to bring you their newest crushing effort and first full length, entitled ‘The Cleansing’. If you have never heard of Suicide Silence, think Job For A Cowboy with more speed elements and a lot more structure. Suicide Silence formed back in 2002 and quickly impressed the …

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Through The Eyes Of The Dead “Malice”

Through The Eyes Of The Dead are back with their second album on Prosthetic Records, entitled “Malice”. The album has already hit shelves and it should be just a matter of time before people start flocking to the release. “Malice” picks up right where “Bloodlust” left off, however Through The …

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Elysia “Masochist”

There is a point in every musician’s life where they are in some terrible garage band that just sucks. Everyone has done it, even myself (we still could have made millions damn it!). Usually these bands last for a couple months, maybe a year, play a few shows if they …

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Despised Icon “The Ills of Modern Man”

Despised Icon have stepped up the extreme metal scene quite nicely with ‘The Ills of Modern Man’. Based out of Montreal, Despised Icon is comprised of members from Neuraxis, In Dying Days, and Heaven’s Cry. Formed in 2002, Despised Icon has never looked back. This marks their 3rd full length …

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