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Dismember the Fallen with Nick Deneau

Dismember the Fallen

Last month, I was fortunate enough to reach out and speak to Nick from Dismember the Fallen, an up and coming deathcore band. The interview follows below:   Tim: For readers who may not know you, what is your name and position in the band? Nick: I’m Nick Deneau and …

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Whitechapel “Whitechapel”

Whitechapel - Whitechapel

I’ve slung my fair share of shit in deathcore’s direction, but there are a few bands in the genre that make its existence somewhat worthwhile.  Whitechapel, a six person riot that reigns from Knoxville, Tennessee, happens to be one of those bands.  Save for the drums, they’ve held a fairly …

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Veil of Maya “Eclipse”


Veil of Maya is a deathcore, metalcore band from Illinois, signed with Sumerian records. Eclipse is the fourth full length from Veil of Maya, and it is very much Veil of Maya in terms of sound and composition. Consistency is a good thing however, when you find something that works …

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Impending Doom with Cory Johnson & Brook Reeves

Your lyrics are infused with heavy detail and raw emotion. What is it that normally gives you inspiration when writing lyrics and is there a concept behind the writing of Baptized in Filth? Impending Doom: We base the majority of our lyrics off things we all go through in our …

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The Devastated “Devil’s Messenger”

The Devastated - Devil's Messenger

Deathcore is becoming a bit big for it to handle. I still don’t really understand how metalcore got passed by with tight pants and 15 year old girls for Deathcore, but it did, I guess you can blame metalcore/deathcore crossover post-hardcore bands like Bring Me the Horizon. Why someone wants …

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Best And Worst Of 2011 – Apex Predator Style

THE BEST The year 2011 wasn’t as bad for metal as I had initially feared. In all honesty, I did not listen to half of the albums that were released last year, but from what I did hear, the following (in no particular order) were my favorites: Sylosis – Edge …

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Bermuda “Isolationist(s)”

When I received the new Bermuda album for review, I thought that I was about to listen to the deathcore band from Australia that was formerly known as Knife To A Gunfight. The album Isolationist(s) is in fact deathcore, so I stayed with this perception for the first few spins, …

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As Blood Runs Black “Instinct”

As Blood Runs Black - Instinct

Everyone loves a good comeback story. As Blood Runs Black has been lying dormant since 2006 when they released Allegiance. I remember the album being fairly popular at that time, due to the fact that deathcore wasn’t as oversaturated as it is now (in fact, I’m pretty sure people were …

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Salt the Wound “Kill the Crown”

Salt the Wound are back, but they are not quite the Salt the Wound you might remember. Still deathcore, but with a little more melodic death metal and even some thrash metal in there as well. Salt the Wound are technically a two piece as of the reforming of the …

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