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Metal’s Best and Worst of 2011 (Tim’s List)

So before I get down to the nitty gritty, I guess I should state that this “list” doesn’t really have an order like many other year end lists tend to do. Oh and it doesn’t just stop at albums either! I also list which shows were my favorite that I …

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Darkest Hour “The Human Romance”

Darkest Hour are a melodic death metal band based out of Washington, D.C. I hear some death metal influence, but I hear a lot more melodic death on this album than the last, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and considering the last album it’s probably a good move. …

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Metal that Changed the Decade

Celtic Frost - Monotheist

Below I have compiled a list of music that I feel has changed the way metal was presented, the way it was looked at and what it has become. Metal has become a part of my life beyond anything I would have thought when I started this site (originally Metal …

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Best of 2007 – DonnieCake Style

Between the Buried and Me

2007 for me was a year of new turning points in music all together. You saw the fad of metalcore steady out and more bands rising out of that thankfully, with new rhythms and a better direction. The metal world grew for the better this year, unlike in 2006 I …

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Darkest Hour with Ryan Parrish

Darkest Hour

Thrash Magazine: First and foremost, state your names, what you do in Darkest Hour and a brief run down of the history of the band Ryan From Darkest Hour: My name is Ryan, I play drums. The band has been around for ten years and through a few members. We …

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