10 Worst Metal/Hardcore/Punk Videos of All Time

10. New Found Glory “Kiss Me”Well I don’t really know the point of covering this song or the point of making it a music video. I do actually like New Found Glory but this video is tough to watch. Its like watching a gay pillow fight, but with 1 guy …

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Best of 2007 – DonnieCake Style

Between the Buried and Me

2007 for me was a year of new turning points in music all together. You saw the fad of metalcore steady out and more bands rising out of that thankfully, with new rhythms and a better direction. The metal world grew for the better this year, unlike in 2006 I …

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Thy Will Be Done “Was And Is To Come”

Overlooking the smaller, more commonly unknown band is somewhat of a typical occurrence. Generally, local acts are copycat crap that, well, nicely said should stay underground. Obviously the small cases of some of these bands that succeed deserve it, most do not and some still go unnoticed. In comes a …

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Demon Hunter “Storm the Gates of Hell”

Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell

Demon Hunter is back yet again with another Christian metalcore album for tons of fans who have been waiting. Formed around 2002, they have brought their fans a steady flow of Christian metal. However, they have also steadily gotten softer and more rock influenced over the years. With their fourth …

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The Agony Scene “Get Damned”

The Agony Scene are back with their third release ‘Get Damned’. Formed some time in the early 2000’s they have seen 3 record labels for three different releases, 3 completely different sounds with only the vocal style staying true to their roots, and a shit ton of different band members …

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The Ocean “Precambrian”

The Ocean Collective, most commonly known as The Ocean, but since there is 14,000 other “ocean” bands out there are officially called The Ocean Collective are a progressive hardcore/metal act out of Germany. In 2007 they released ‘Precambrian’, a 2 CD album featuring 14 songs and clocking in over 80 …

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Suicide Silence “The Cleansing”

Suicide Silence are back to bring you their newest crushing effort and first full length, entitled ‘The Cleansing’. If you have never heard of Suicide Silence, think Job For A Cowboy with more speed elements and a lot more structure. Suicide Silence formed back in 2002 and quickly impressed the …

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Animosity “Animal”

Animosity - Animal

Animosity is back with their third effort, entitled ‘Animal’. Formed around 2000, they have released some pretty brutal albums, both of which are scene setters in the deathcore community. ‘Set It Off’ and ‘Empires’ are solid albums, with little to criticize. In comes ‘Animal’, produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at …

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From The Shallows “Beyond The Unknown”

From the Shallows - Beyond the Unknown

From The Shallows have released an EP entitled “Beyond The Unknown” on Tribunal Records. Covering 7 tracks, this EP is everything the metal community could want, especially the modern metal world. We have heavy as hell breakdowns, screaming guitar solos, and bitter vocals all meshed into a 7 song EP. …

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