The Beautiful Women of Metal

Beautiful Women of Metal

This post is to just showcase some of the musically talented, beautiful women of the metal community. Its too few and far between where bands have women front and center, so below are some great guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and vocalists from across the world. This post will be maintained and …

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Musicians Against Piracy

Piracy Its a Crime

I will preface this article with a simple disclaimer: Thrash Magazine does not support/condone or recommend illegally downloading music. Thrash Magazine is also not going to tell you how. But since crap like SOPA/PIPA is around, I feel the need to start articles about this topic like the above. The …

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Ancient VVisdom “A Godlike Inferno”

ancient vvisdom a godlike inferno

Quick little intro before I deconstruct this album. First, yes, okay, this album came out almost a year ago. Second, I have never even heard of this band until they were on Ghost’s 13 Dates of Doom Tour with Blood Ceremony. Ancient VVisdom (yes that is two v’s put together …

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Overkill “The Electric Age”

overkill the electric age

Overkill has done it again. They once again have written a crazy album that meets expectations and then keeps going. This time, our 10-track audio armageddon is called, The Electric Age. I don’t know how they do it, but from “Come and Get It” to the closing notes of “Good …

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Swashbuckle, Winners Of March Metal Madness 2012

With March of 2012 behind us, it means that another episode of Thrash Magazine’s March Metal Madness has ended.  This year, we decided to pick 250 bands and throw them in a pool, and you, the readers, determined everything from who competed to who progressed.  As a staff member here, …

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Hung “Hung”

hung hung

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of this review, let me explain to you the band that is, Hung. Lyris Hung, yes her last name is in fact the origin of the band’s name, plays violin (most notably for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bryan Adams, and the Indigo Girls). Jon …

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Soulfly “Enslaved”

Soulfly Enslaved

Personally, I haven’t really felt the same vibe from Soulfly like I used to back in the day when I first heard Back to the Primitive. However, Enslaved has really turned me around to adding Soulfly back into my daily playlist (if not in the car then later in the …

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3 Inches of Blood with Cam Pipes

Cam Pipes took the time after his performance with 3 Inches of Blood at the Palladium in Worcester (3/22/12) to chat with us about such topics like illegal downloading, the latest ban on mosh pits in the city of Boston, and 3 Inches of Blood’s new album Long Live Heavy …

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Meshuggah “Koloss”

meshuggah koloss

Koloss, the highly anticipated new release from Meshuggah picks up where Meshuggah left of with Obzen, though darker and more sparse, the frenetic madness is there in a more spare form. Koloss is like stripping something to it’s marrow to reveal what makes it tick from the inside out. The …

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