Sylosis “Edge of the Earth”

Sylosis - Edge Of The Earth

The biggest concern I had when I learned of the new Sylosis album, Edge of the Earth, was about what the band would do with departing vocalist Jamie Graham. Founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, stepped up to the plate and decided to take over vocals as well as …

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Gideon “Costs”

The name Gideon can mean a few things in Hebrew:  “destroyer”, “mighty warrior”, “crazy ass motherfucker that knocks down trees” (not kidding).  Knowing that, I kind of knew what to expect when I received the new Gideon record for review, titled Costs.  It gives me great pleasure to report that it …

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Deadlock “Bizarro World”

Deadlock - Bizarro World

I don’t mean to sound sexist when I say this, but one of the things that always makes me skeptical about a metal band that I’m about to check out is a female vocalist. There are excellent examples out there of female singing done right in all different styles of …

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Destruction “Day of Reckoning”

When it comes to the Teutonic Thrash scene, Destruction once again proves why they are on the same level as Kreator and Sodom. “Day of Reckoning” puts you right in the middle of a demolition derby with only a helmet and a unicycle. Through the entire album I was catching …

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Dimmu Borgir “Abrahadabra”

After the loss of ICS Vortex and Mustis, masters of Symphonic Black Metal, Dimmu Borgir, show they still have plenty of life with the release of their ninth studio album, “Abrahadabra”.  Even with Shagrath, Galder, and Silenoz conveying the song writing/composing process, many fans were still anxious and worried to …

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Metal through the Decades (A Metal Head’s Rant)

Metal has been with music in one form or another since the 60s. It took its derivatives from blues and psychedelic rock, and in the late 60s and early 70s bands were starting to emerge in the “new found” genre. Bands like Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin and The Who …

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Swamp Thing “Swamp Thing”

Swamp Thing - Swamp Thing

Short, punishing and what hardcore is supposed to be (in my eyes). I am talking about Swamp Thing’s up and coming self-titled 7″. This 4 song release follows up their full length “In Shame” and builds upon on the great things it started. Unfortunately I won’t be writing much about …

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