Salt the Wound “Kill the Crown”

Salt the Wound are back, but they are not quite the Salt the Wound you might remember. Still deathcore, but with a little more melodic death metal and even some thrash metal in there as well. Salt the Wound are technically a two piece as of the reforming of the …

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Suidakra “Book of Dowth”

Suidakra is the name of the founding member, Arkadius Antonik, spelled backwards. They are a melodic folk death metal band from Germany with a very strong Celtic theme. Lyrically and musically that should tell you what to expect, the important part here is how well they pull it off. Generally, …

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Born of Osiris “The Discovery”

Born of Osiris - The Discovery

Before I get into the review, I just wanted to let it be known that this album completely made me change my mind about Born of Osiris. Back when people were saying “Fucking Bow Down” I was saying “Fucking Shut Up.” I am proud to say that these guys have …

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Skinlab with Steev Esquivel

1. 2009-2011 looked to be a tough set of years for stabilizing a guitarist; you went through 3 that I know of. Are there specific reasons for this? Also, moving forward do you plan to continue on as only a 3 piece or are you picking up a second guitarist? …

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Trap Them “Darker Handcraft”

Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

Let me start this by saying that I have a soft spot for weird shit.  I tend to really like experimental music and noise, even if I’m not always in the mood to listen to it.  It all started when I got into Converge many years ago, and my mind …

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Black Label Society “Order of the Black”

Music is written for different reasons.  I like to categorize it into two groups:  musicians who write music to express themselves and musicians who write music not for themselves, but for others.  Both groups have fans: the former group has fans in those who relate to what the band is …

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Amon Amarth “Surtur Rising”

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

War. Fire. Vikings. Odin. Blood soaked steel. Warring Gods. Ravens. These are the images Amon Amarth works with, and on Surtur Rising they do some of their best work to date. Surtur is the name of the leader of the fire giants of Muspelheim, or Muspell, which means land of …

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Korzus “Discipline Of Hate”

Korzus - Discipline Of Hate

As an American metal head, when you think of thrash metal from Brazil, I guarantee the first (and possibly only) band that comes to mind is Sepultura.  This has always been the case for me.  Thankfully, the last week or so has changed that perception.  I have finally found out …

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The Haunted “Unseen”

After the release of “One Kill Wonder” and the departure of Marco Aro in 2003, The Haunted have been slowly evolving their sound since the return of Peter Dolving. With the next three releases, “rEVOLVEr” (2004), “The Dead Eye” (2006), and “Versus” (2008), you can hear The Haunted slowly straying …

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