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Skeletonwitch “Forever Abomination”

Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination

I had an old friend of mine ask me recently, “Hey what’s the metal scene like nowadays? I remember when Limp Bizkit and Korn were Gods to all of us skater kids.” I linked a Skeletonwitch video to him. The 5-piece from Ohio has released yet another amazing album, Forever …

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Decapitated “Carnival Is Forever”

On November 2nd, 2007 Decapitated band’s existence would come to a standstill. The tragic automobile accident a few days earlier left their drummer, Witold “Vitek” Kieltyka a founding member and brother to Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka (guitarist) deceased and also Adrian “Covan” Kowanek (Vocalist) in a coma. For obvious reasons, Decapitated …

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Mastodon “The Hunter”

Bands come in flocks:  one band comes out with a supposedly unique style, and then 10 other bands come out sounding just the same.  Mastodon has beaten that stigma through their entire career, and The Hunter is no exception.  While you read this, I challenge you to name a band …

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Trivium “In Waves”

Trivium - In Waves

Trivium’s latest release comes just as one thing becomes very apparent in mainstream metal:  the genre is flatlining.  In a part of the metal genre where most songs sound like choices from a choose-your-own-adventure book,  I hope that the highly anticipated “In Waves” would bring to rest the notion that …

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Andrew WK “Party All Goddamn Night”

There is music that makes a person wonder what the hell they are listening to while other music is very clearly defined.  There is music that motivates people, and there is music that makes people lazy.  Likewise, there are musicians who write to appeal to a certain crowd while others …

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Chimaira “The Age of Hell”

Chimaira - The Age of Hell

Before I ooze over how great this new Chimaira album is, allow me to get you caught up in recent “roster moves” for the band. We had three departures in the past year for the band, saying goodbye to Jim (bass), Chris (keyboards/programming), and Andols (drums). Replacements came in the …

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Cave In “White Silence”

Cave In have returned with White Silence, and yet again, their sound has shifted from expectations. Whether you like this or not will probably have been determined already for fans given the bands history, as this shifting around is not a new thing for Cave In. After Perfect Pitch Black …

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