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Album Reviews

Reviewing the most recent metal and hardcore music in stores and online. From small house hold names to larger than life metal, we will try to be objective and truthful with every review.

Eluveitie “Helvetios”

Eluveitie - Helvetios

Folk metal is a genre that seems to be getting more and more attention, and for good reason. Even being classified as folk metal, nearly all the bands have their own unique sound, due to either the instruments involved, or simply the other genres of music that play a special …

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Avatar “Black Waltz”

Avatar - Black Waltz

“Black Waltz” is the latest installment from Gothenberg gothic metal band Avatar.  Yep, it’s pretty much another Gothenberg album from another Gothenberg band. The album begins with “Let us die”.  With the exception of some tepid tapping about half way through this tune, it’s pretty boring, repetitive and unremarkable. “Torn …

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Aborted “Global Flatline”


Aborted are back with Global Flatline. This is death metal, brutal gore filled death metal. If you are a fan of Aborted you pretty much know what to expect. Global Flatline is bit more accessible, but at the same time the first words you hear are, “I’m going to fucking …

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Goatwhore “Blood for the Master”

Goatwhore - Blood for the Master

Goathwhore has done it again! The Louisiana quartet have taken their past two amazing albums and have outdone themselves with the release of Blood for the Master. In this album I feel like they grew just a touch bit more with a sound unlike any other. The best way to …

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Bleeding Through “The Great Fire”

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

Will Bleeding Through’s latest effort be another step in the right direction or scare off fans like “The Truth” did? The self titled album released a few years back was an excellent step for the metalcore masters Bleeding Through. To me, “The Great Fire” is the wrong direction. The previous …

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Revocation “Chaos of Forms”

Revocation - Chaos of Forms

Revocation are a sort of death/technical and thrash with some groove hybrid band out of Boston Ma. Chaos of Forms is the second album to be released on Relapse, following Existence is futile. If this sounds like a mess, it’s not, they pull of it off phenomenally well. Chaos of …

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With Daggers “Widowers EP”


With Daggers, a hardcore band out of Rochester, NY released an EP titled “Widower” on January 3rd, 2012. From start to finish this album is raw, angry and depressing as all hell, especially if the lyrical content has real meaning to the band (which I have been unable to find …

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Lamb of God “Resolution”


So far from what I have read and heard, a lot of people aren’t too big on this album. I, personally, am actually a fan of how this band has progressed through out their career and still enjoy the music they make, whether they have “gone mainstream” or not. Anyways, …

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Vale Of Pnath “The Prodigal Empire”

Vale Of Pnath - The Prodigal Empire

Vale of Pnath are a technical death metal group from Denver Colorado. The name comes from H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream cycle. The Vale of Pnath is a dark pit in the underworld where the ghouls throw the bones of those they have eaten. It’s also filled with giant worm like creatures. …

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Biohazard “Reborn in Defiance”


In today’s world, extreme music has been turning into a giant redundancy department of redundancy… with that corny joke said, longtime hardcore band, Biohazard, has returned with a solid reminder of what hardcore should sound like. This reminder comes in the form of their newest album, Reborn in Defiance. And …

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