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Reviewing the most recent metal and hardcore music in stores and online. From small house hold names to larger than life metal, we will try to be objective and truthful with every review.

Lord Mantis “Pervertor”

Lord Mantis - Pervertor

I tried really hard to like this album, I really did.  I’ve got a bit of a nationalistic thing going when it comes to American bands – I really want to like them.  I was really looking forward to listening to and reviewing this album.  It just doesn’t deliver.  It’s …

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The Devastated “Devil’s Messenger”

The Devastated - Devil's Messenger

Deathcore is becoming a bit big for it to handle. I still don’t really understand how metalcore got passed by with tight pants and 15 year old girls for Deathcore, but it did, I guess you can blame metalcore/deathcore crossover post-hardcore bands like Bring Me the Horizon. Why someone wants …

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Blood Ceremony “Blood Ceremony”


After experiencing Blood Ceremony for the first time live on Ghost’s 13 Dates of Doom Tour, I knew I had to get my greasy paws all over this album. To put it simply, this band is everything the first wave of heavy metal was trying to leave behind. There are …

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Caliban “I Am Nemesis”


I am Nemesis is another metalcore album from German band Caliban. I am Nemesis is pretty standard metalcore at it’s base, with some unfortunate keyboard drones and sound samples that would have been more interesting over music with more of an edge to it. The clean vocals are problematic at …

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Everything Went Black “Cycles of Light”


Everything Went Black is a hardcore band on Prosthetic records, blending in some melodic and even black metal elements as well as some doom riffs to create a unique sound in the hardcore world. I’ve heard this described as blackened crusty hardcore… whatever that means Cycles of Light is a …

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Abigail Williams “Becoming”

Abigail Williams - Becoming

When I was given the new Abigail Williams record for review, I was ecstatic. Here’s a band that originally did not interest me at all with their first couple releases, but managed to completely blow my mind with 2011’s In The Absence Of Light. I downloaded the six tracks that …

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Knives Out! “Black Mass Hysteria”


Back in 2001 I was brought up to speed (thanks to ThePRP.com’s review) of a band called Dog Fashion Disco. 2001 marked the year they release ‘Anarchists of Good Taste,’ a relatively unknown hard rock/avant-garde metal band. This album at the time reminded me that good music comes in all …

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Sigh “In Somniphobia”

Sigh - In Somniphobia

What’s better on a gloomy Wednesday afternoon than some Japanese black metal?  Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, you can pass on this album. “In Somniphobia” is the latest installment from veteran Japanese black metallers Sigh – the first metal band that I can think of to incorporate a …

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King Giant “Dismal Hollow”

King Giant - Dismal Hollow

King Giant has managed to make a modern sounding Black Sabbath sound and hit it out of the park with “Dismal Hollow.” 8 tracks of southern greatness, with elements of doom and groove metal intertwined throughout. As you listen to this album in its entirety, you get a sense of …

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4ARM “Submission For Liberty”

4Arm - Submission For Liberty

Some months ago, I did an interview with an upcoming thrash band named 4ARM. At the time, I got to listen to one track off of their upcoming album, Submission For Liberty, and was blown away. Now months later, Submission For Liberty has been released and I still have that …

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