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IKillYa “Recon”

This past winter I discovered a band named IKillYa from New York. This discovery made my brutal New England Winter worth living through since my ears fell upon a band that I think have the potential to rise to the top of the metal/hardcore world. After listening to this EP …

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The Human Abstract “Digital Veil”

The Human Abstract - Digital Veil

Before listening to this album, I have actually only very briefly listened to The Human Abstract. However, this album has made me want to venture out and find some older material. Digital Veil puts you on a ride like no other and that will surely grow on you. From what …

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Born of Osiris “The Discovery”

Born of Osiris - The Discovery

Before I get into the review, I just wanted to let it be known that this album completely made me change my mind about Born of Osiris. Back when people were saying “Fucking Bow Down” I was saying “Fucking Shut Up.” I am proud to say that these guys have …

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Sylosis “Edge of the Earth”

Sylosis - Edge Of The Earth

The biggest concern I had when I learned of the new Sylosis album, Edge of the Earth, was about what the band would do with departing vocalist Jamie Graham. Founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, stepped up to the plate and decided to take over vocals as well as …

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Destruction “Day of Reckoning”

When it comes to the Teutonic Thrash scene, Destruction once again proves why they are on the same level as Kreator and Sodom. “Day of Reckoning” puts you right in the middle of a demolition derby with only a helmet and a unicycle. Through the entire album I was catching …

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