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3 Inches of Blood with Cam Pipes

Cam Pipes took the time after his performance with 3 Inches of Blood at the Palladium in Worcester (3/22/12) to chat with us about such topics like illegal downloading, the latest ban on mosh pits in the city of Boston, and 3 Inches of Blood’s new album Long Live Heavy …

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Eluveitie “Helvetios”

Eluveitie - Helvetios

Folk metal is a genre that seems to be getting more and more attention, and for good reason. Even being classified as folk metal, nearly all the bands have their own unique sound, due to either the instruments involved, or simply the other genres of music that play a special …

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The Agonist with Alissa White-Gluz

The Agonist

Alissa White-Gluz took some time from her day before their performance at the Palladium in Worcester, MA, to chat with Thrash Magazine about the new Agonist EP The Escape due September 3rd, their current trek on the Pandemonium Over North America 2011 tour, and bands she would personally love to …

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Septic Flesh with Christos Antoniou

Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh, from Athens, Greece, is a death metal band that has gone through a few genre changes. With their latest releases of Communion and now The Great Mass, their unique symphonic death metal is making waves. Tim and myself had the pleasure of a post-performance interview with Christos Antoniou …

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Arch Enemy “Khaos Legions”

It’s been nearly four years since we have been graced with new original material from one of the melodic death metal greats, Arch Enemy. Now if you have been a fan of Arch Enemy, chances are you have not been too worried about their latest release, Khaos Legions. Maybe there …

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Xe-NONE “Dancefloration”

Xe-NONE - Dancefloration

From Kirov, Russia comes a musical group you might not be aware of. This could possibly be because of their musical style, not exactly the most creative formula I’ve heard, but I guess you could say it is “unique”. A few times, Xe-NONE has sounded somewhat similar to aggrotech groups …

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The Haunted “Unseen”

After the release of “One Kill Wonder” and the departure of Marco Aro in 2003, The Haunted have been slowly evolving their sound since the return of Peter Dolving. With the next three releases, “rEVOLVEr” (2004), “The Dead Eye” (2006), and “Versus” (2008), you can hear The Haunted slowly straying …

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Dimmu Borgir “Abrahadabra”

After the loss of ICS Vortex and Mustis, masters of Symphonic Black Metal, Dimmu Borgir, show they still have plenty of life with the release of their ninth studio album, “Abrahadabra”.  Even with Shagrath, Galder, and Silenoz conveying the song writing/composing process, many fans were still anxious and worried to …

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