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Meshuggah “Koloss”

meshuggah koloss

Koloss, the highly anticipated new release from Meshuggah picks up where Meshuggah left of with Obzen, though darker and more sparse, the frenetic madness is there in a more spare form. Koloss is like stripping something to it’s marrow to reveal what makes it tick from the inside out. The …

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Veil of Maya “Eclipse”


Veil of Maya is a deathcore, metalcore band from Illinois, signed with Sumerian records. Eclipse is the fourth full length from Veil of Maya, and it is very much Veil of Maya in terms of sound and composition. Consistency is a good thing however, when you find something that works …

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Beneath the Massacre “Incongruous”

Beneath the Massacre - Incongruous

Beneath the Massacre is a death metal band from Canada with strong technical elements, an unrelenting approach musically and an ability to layer sound with the best in the genre. The 2012 album Incongruous is the bands third full length album, and is released on Prosthetic Records. Incongruous starts heavy …

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Caliban “I Am Nemesis”


I am Nemesis is another metalcore album from German band Caliban. I am Nemesis is pretty standard metalcore at it’s base, with some unfortunate keyboard drones and sound samples that would have been more interesting over music with more of an edge to it. The clean vocals are problematic at …

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Everything Went Black “Cycles of Light”


Everything Went Black is a hardcore band on Prosthetic records, blending in some melodic and even black metal elements as well as some doom riffs to create a unique sound in the hardcore world. I’ve heard this described as blackened crusty hardcore… whatever that means Cycles of Light is a …

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Aborted “Global Flatline”


Aborted are back with Global Flatline. This is death metal, brutal gore filled death metal. If you are a fan of Aborted you pretty much know what to expect. Global Flatline is bit more accessible, but at the same time the first words you hear are, “I’m going to fucking …

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Revocation “Chaos of Forms”

Revocation - Chaos of Forms

Revocation are a sort of death/technical and thrash with some groove hybrid band out of Boston Ma. Chaos of Forms is the second album to be released on Relapse, following Existence is futile. If this sounds like a mess, it’s not, they pull of it off phenomenally well. Chaos of …

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Vale Of Pnath “The Prodigal Empire”

Vale Of Pnath - The Prodigal Empire

Vale of Pnath are a technical death metal group from Denver Colorado. The name comes from H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream cycle. The Vale of Pnath is a dark pit in the underworld where the ghouls throw the bones of those they have eaten. It’s also filled with giant worm like creatures. …

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Cave In “White Silence”

Cave In have returned with White Silence, and yet again, their sound has shifted from expectations. Whether you like this or not will probably have been determined already for fans given the bands history, as this shifting around is not a new thing for Cave In. After Perfect Pitch Black …

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