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Poison My Blood “The Countess”

poison my blood the countess

Poison My Blood touts themselves as “Progressive Metallic Hardcore”.  In a way, that is a very fair assessment of the style.  After listening to this album over and over, I have begun to change my distaste for all the subgenres that keep popping up (why cant techno just be techno? …

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Anathema “Weather Systems”

anathema weather systems

Sometimes the only way to find music that really holds onto you and speaks to you is to take a chance on it.  That is precisely what I did here, and I am glad I did.  Anathema hails from Liverpool, England (GO REDS!) and in their original incantation, led the …

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Design the Skyline “Naeveh”

Design the Skyline - Nevaeh

Design the Skyline is a metal band out of Corpus Christi, TX who first gained attention with their song and video for “Surrounded by Silence.”  While that attention was mostly negative due to the song styl itself as well as the outward appearance of the band, one thing is for …

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Mastodon “The Hunter”

Bands come in flocks:  one band comes out with a supposedly unique style, and then 10 other bands come out sounding just the same.  Mastodon has beaten that stigma through their entire career, and The Hunter is no exception.  While you read this, I challenge you to name a band …

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Trivium “In Waves”

Trivium - In Waves

Trivium’s latest release comes just as one thing becomes very apparent in mainstream metal:  the genre is flatlining.  In a part of the metal genre where most songs sound like choices from a choose-your-own-adventure book,  I hope that the highly anticipated “In Waves” would bring to rest the notion that …

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Andrew WK “Party All Goddamn Night”

There is music that makes a person wonder what the hell they are listening to while other music is very clearly defined.  There is music that motivates people, and there is music that makes people lazy.  Likewise, there are musicians who write to appeal to a certain crowd while others …

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GWAR “Lust in Space”

GWAR - Lust in Space

This is an album for the die hard fans. This is an album for those who possess a bizarre sense of metal humor that the rest of us just do not understand. This album is like a dirty minded 9th graders concept album storyboard. I am dumber for having listened …

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Pestilence “Doctrine”

Pestilence’s sixth studio album, “Doctrine” brings fresh blood to the tired, marginally inspired music being released around us.  Everywhere I turn, more and more metal based bands emerge.  As a result, each band starts to sound more and more like the next, leaving listeners with plenty of music to listen …

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Black Label Society “Order of the Black”

Music is written for different reasons.  I like to categorize it into two groups:  musicians who write music to express themselves and musicians who write music not for themselves, but for others.  Both groups have fans: the former group has fans in those who relate to what the band is …

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