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Gonzales “Checkmate”

Gonzales - Checkmate

Here’s a band that thrives on nostalgia.  When listening to Checkmate, the new album from Italian punk rockers Gonzales, the first thing that comes to mind is “old-school”.  This album is a strange marriage of circa 80s punk rock and whiskey-drinking rock ‘n roll.  While I will say the mix …

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400colpi “Homo Homini Lupus”

When some people hear the term “metalcore” used to describe a new band, their eyes roll back into their heads and their search for a new insult will culminate into a sigh.  In all honesty, I can’t blame them, for it is a genre that is already overcrowded and practically …

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Static-X “Cult Of Static”

I’ve always felt that if mediocrity was a summer blockbuster, Static-X would be on the soundtrack.  I must admit, they managed to pique my interest at their debut, but fortunately my Wisconsin Death Trip ended shortly after sophomore year of high school.  At any rate, it had been many years …

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