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Through Solace “The World On Standby”

Screamo metalcore bands generally have a lack of middle ground.  Either you like the genre and you’re into it, or you want to drag the singer out back and shoot him in the head.  Oddly enough, Through Solace have managed to fall somewhat dead-center in my mental rating scale, making …

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Prong “Power Of The Damn Mixxxer”

Prong - Power Of The Damn Mixxxer

To some people, pain is stand-still traffic on a 100 degree day with a broken air conditioner.  Pain is getting a solid rectangle tattooed on either side of your rib cage.  Pain is childbirth without an epidural.  Pain is eternal torment in Hell.  I, however, have discovered the true meaning …

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Hatebreed “For The Lions”

When I was given the new Hatebreed album For The Lions to review, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I must admit: I was a very big fan of Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire-era Hatebreed, but I kind of fell off the wagon shortly afterwards.  Now, I have always …

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Seneca “Reflections”

Seneca - Reflections

Deathcore has quickly become the new metalcore, and it’s not far from bursting at the seams.  It seems as if every day, a new act gets together and starts trying to make a name for themselves in the genre.  And why shouldn’t they?  It’s the current best of all worlds …

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Sylosis “Conclusion Of An Age”

It didn’t take very long for Sylosis to become my new favorite band.  Their Nuclear Blast debut LP and newest album, Conclusion Of An Age, is by far the best thrash record I have heard in the last few years, at least.  Hailing from England, this five-piece deserves to be …

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Bhelliom “The Colossal Tragedy”

Deciding how I even stand with The Colossal Tragedy, the latest album from Singapore death metal rockers Bhelliom, has been a staggering task indeed.  This is a band that brings some serious technical riffage to the table, and on one hand, they do it exceptionally well.  On the other hand, …

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Hope Lane Is A Dead End “Illuminate”

Reviewing Hope Lane Is A Dead End was definitely an experience I was not banking on.  When I started listening to their new EP, Illuminate, and heard the standard no-frills metalcore sound everyone’s come to expect from the underground, my expectations for the album dropped to zero.  However, the more …

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Chelsea Grin “Chelsea Grin”

Chelsea Grin is a band that I desperately want to like.  Their name comes from a type of facial scar that was made famous by Heath Ledger’s Joker in last year’s “The Dark Knight” (it’s more commonly known as a Glasgow Smile, which I honestly think would have been a …

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