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Fear Factory “Mechanize”

Fear Factory is back with Mechanize, their seventh studio album, and they’re breakneck metal sound is heavier than ever.  With a brand spanking new line-up, the mighty FF sets out to redeem themselves from their ill-received sixth release, Transgression.  While this isn’t the best record in their discography, it certainly …

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We Came As Romans “To Plant A Seed”

We Came As Romans - To Plant A Seed

Now here’s an album that makes me regret screamo ever existing.  In the end of last year, We Came As Romans released their debut LP To Plant A Seed, and it’s a mixture of promising arrangements and growls over some of the worst emo singing to ever hit the market. …

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Slayer “World Painted Blood”

It is almost undeniable that in their time, Slayer were the gods of thrash metal.  At the same time, it’s hard to argue that they’ve been releasing quality material over the last 20 years.  Sure, there have been a few gems here and there, and their previous album, Christ Illusion, …

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The Crimson Armada “Guardians”

I’ve thrown quite the barrage of punches in the direction of overly-Christian metal.  It’s not that I’m anti-Christian, it’s just that I kind of despise worship in music.  If I’m rocking out to some serious metal, prayer to any god(s) (aside from Viking ones, because that’s more thematic than religious) …

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Eryn Non Dae. “Hydra Lernaia”

Eryn Non Dae. - Hydra Lernaia

Eryn Non Dae. is a refreshing math metal act from Toulouse, France, formerly known as End..  Personally, hearing this album was a nice change of pace, as the sound is definitely more niche than anything else that has been coming down the pipe.  The music is hard to compare to …

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Hester Prynne “The Goswell Divorce”

Hester Prynne - The Goswell Divorce

Hester Prynne is a prime example of why the current deathcore scene still has a chance at credibility.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to make sure that I specify that I am getting sick and tired of using “deathcore” as a genre-describing adjective for pretty …

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Job For A Cowboy “Ruination”

Job For A Cowboy managed to become one of my favorite bands at the time of their debut release, Doom.  It was one of the more amazing albums of 2005, and it didn’t take more than one spin for me to fall in love with the modern deathcore sound.  When …

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Suffocation “Blood Oath”

Suffocation - Blood Oath

There are very few bands in all of existence that possess anything close to the musical prowess of Suffocation.  From the moment that I first heard Effigy Of The Forgotten, I knew I had come across some of the true masters of death metal.  Never before had I heard such …

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