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Advertising with Thrash Magazine is a great way to connect to viewers in your target market. We offer banner ads which display prominently on all of our pages.

Thrash Magazine is an online e-zine that is focused on its community of users. Running a banner ad on our site will get your product out to the metal/hardcore/punk/hard rock community. We are a growing community and currently we receive close to 600,000 hits a month. For updated statistics you can contact us.

Banner Option 1: (468×60 banner)
1 Month: $75.00
2 Months: $100.00
3 Months: $125.00
Run Multiple Banners $25.00 per extra banner for each month.

This option is in rotation equally with other clients using the banner space. Meaning, if we have 3 clients advertising, you will receive 33% of the viewers per page. Everytime the page is changed it will refresh to a new banner. You may change your banner as many times as you would like during the alloted time.

Banner Option 2: (468×60 banner)
1 Month: $150.00
2 Months: $175.00
3 Months: $200.00
Run Multiple Banners Free

This option is for clients who want 100% of the viewers to see their banner during the alloted time.

We also offer full page ads, please contact us for more information about this. For advertising inquiries, including pricing, contact don.alcobmright@thrashmag.com.