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Dismember the Fallen

Dismember the Fallen with Nick Deneau

Last month, I was fortunate enough to reach out and speak to Nick from Dismember the Fallen, an up and coming deathcore band. The interview follows below:


Tim: For readers who may not know you, what is your name and position in the band?

Nick: I’m Nick Deneau and I am the vocalist of the band.


T: Where did the name “Dismember the Fallen” come from?

N: The name Dismember the Fallen refers to basically dismembering the fallen angel, the devil per say. It’s not to be taken in the literal sense, more so metaphorically.


T: How did the current line up of Dismember the Fallen come to be?

N: The current line up came to be through family more than anything. Me and our guitarist Mike are cousins, our drummer and other guitarist are twins, and our bassist and the twins are cousins. So we’re basically one big family!


T: Can you explain the sound/message behind your music?

N: I would say that our message is one in particular, more so many different messages I am trying to send. We all have many diverse influences when it comes to music but the things we have endured and the people in our lives influence us the most.


T: So you guys have a new EP out. What’s it called?

N: Our new EP that released May 29th of this year is called “Moving in Dreamscapes.”


T: How has the reaction been from fans thus far that have heard it?

N: The reaction has been awesome since we have released “Moving in Dreamscapes!”  A lot of people have messaged me or came up to me and told me we did a great job on it, I’m very happy with the positive response. I was very excited to release these new songs and I hope it brings us to a whole new level as a band.


T: Do you have a personal favorite on the EP?

N: I really love all of the new songs on our EP but if I had to pick one favorite it would probably be “Give it Up.”


T: Does the band have any other previously recorded work?

N: Yes! Our first release was “Structures” that came out in December of 2010.


T: Any plans for touring?

N: A tour is almost finalized in late summer of this year!


T: If there was one band you could tour with, together or disbanded, who would it be?

N: If there was one band I could pick to tour with, it would probably be Motionless in White.


T: Lately in the city of Boston, metalheads such as myself are now prohibited from moshing, crowd surfing, etc. at shows. How do you feel about this? If you were to tour in the New England area, would this “Mosh Ban” make up your mind to play a different city in the area?

N: I think people should be allowed to mosh and have a good time as long as they aren’t harming anyone intentionally around them. It’s not to say we wouldn’t tour in the area but I don’t think it’s right.


T: Here at Thrash Magazine, we have been collecting as many thoughts/opinions from numerous artists on the very heated conversation of illegal downloading. Some have been completely against it, some are on the fence, and others are actually very much for it. What would be your stance on the situation?

N: Here’s what I think, illegal downloading is never going to be stopped. I do it myself, to listen to new bands and my favorite bands new releases. But, if you like what you’re downloading, as when I do, I buy it. It only makes sense.


T: I’m all out of questions, I leave the last words to you. Would you like to say anything to your fans?

N: I would just like to say thank you for the interview! Please check us out at http://www.dismemberthefallen.com and on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/dismemberthefallen

We hope to see everyone on the road this summer!


Thanks again to Nick for his time for the interview!

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