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Mekong Delta “Intersections”

mekongdelta-intersectionsIntersections is the latest offering from the German progressive thrash band Mekong Delta. Formed in the mid 80’s Mekong have been around for quite awhile now. Intersections is a new effort of old songs, all re-recorded with the current Mekong Delta line-up. This line-up is what consisted on the excellent Wanderer on the Edge of Time, but before that a completely different band. This is why I consider Intersections a new album as oppose to a re-released or re-mastered album, and with that I will begin. Intersections truly is a test to how well Mekong Delta really is. After 25+ years they can still put out redo’s of songs from 1987 to 1994, and although the band might have technically grown some since 1994, the album is still amazing even with songs off their first LP on here.

Martin Lemar, the current vocalist for Mekong Delta has the best range out of the various singers they have had. His voice instantly changes up every previous recorded track and adds a modern flavor to the band. His range is somewhere between progressive/power metal more so than the previous thrashier works of Wolfgang, Doug and Leo. He almost has a Manowar thrash vibe to him, not sure how to properly explain that, but it can be heard when he covers “The Cure” and “Heroes Grief” from the self titled originally released in 1987. Not necessarily a criticism, but some of the tracks, specifically “The Cure” and “Prophecy” took some time to get use to with the completely different vocal styles of Martin.

The tracks themselves have some minor tweaks, most of which for the better from the originals. If your a Mekong fan you will definitely be able to pull them out aside from the vocals. One of the most interesting things about Intersections is to actually listen to the previous versions/new versions to see the differences. Although the more recent albums as a whole sound better with Martin, my favorite track off the album is from 1990’s Dances of Death (and Other Walking Shadows), “Transgressor.”

All in all, new band and all Mekong Delta is trying to showcase the new sound and new members of the band with Intersections. A fitting title as well, new work from this line-up has the potential to be truly amazing. Mekong Delta is meant for Mekong Delta fans. They have a very unique avante-garde thrash sound that probably wont stick with many fans. To be honest, I never really liked them until more recently and have only started to scratch the surface of Mekong with my iPhone. The band is uniquely talented but definitely have a flavor of their own which wont sit with everyone. I look forward to more new material from Mekong as it is clear the band has taken a direction with this line-up and plan to pursue it.


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