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Beautiful Women of Metal

The Beautiful Women of Metal

This post is to just showcase some of the musically talented, beautiful women of the metal community. Its too few and far between where bands have women front and center, so below are some great guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and vocalists from across the world. This post will be maintained and updated over time. Post your fan thoughts and who should be added.

Francine Boucher – Vocalist (Echoes of Eternity)

Francine Boucher

Maria Brink – Vocalist (In This Moment)

Julie Christmas – Vocalist (Made Out of Babies)

Julie Christmas

Candace Kucsulain – Vocalist (Walls of Jericho)

Candace Kucsulain

Mel Mongeon – Vocalist (Fuck the Facts)

Marta Peterson – Keyboardist (Bleeding Through)

Lacey Sturm – Vocalist (Flyleaf)

Lacey Sturm

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  1. I believe I am the only person who does not find Maria Brink attractive.

  2. ThrowinUpHorns

    Whats her face from Landmine Marathon is a cutie too… and its kinda sad how much the girl from In This Moment face resembles a pizza up close

  3. so much hate… if your gonna hate on Brink, at least hate on the band, In This Moment sucks

  4. Just commenting from my facebook account

  5. Marta Peterson, Candace Kucsulain, Julie Christmas, Lacey Sturm – are my picks…..the rest look homely. it also reveals that I’m not a fan of blondes.

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