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Ancient VVisdom “A Godlike Inferno”

ancient_vvisdom-a_godlike_inferno_album_coverQuick little intro before I deconstruct this album. First, yes, okay, this album came out almost a year ago. Second, I have never even heard of this band until they were on Ghost’s 13 Dates of Doom Tour with Blood Ceremony. Ancient VVisdom (yes that is two v’s put together to make a w) opened the night and I was blown away at how vastly different this band was from anything I had seen at a heavy metal show. One electric guitarist, one acoustic guitarist, a bassist, and a singer who also played a very unorthodox looking drum set (snare, floor tom,. crash cymbal, high hat, a machete, and at one point he used a steel chain to strike the set). On said tour, the guys in AVV played a lot of new material from their newest album, A Godlike Inferno, so I knew I had to snag this review even if its been out for months anyways.

The Opposition” was one of my favorites they played live so I was quick to turn up my speakers for this track. I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar intro as it set me up for one of my favorites off the album. The lyrics in the chorus were extremely catchy and memorable:

“Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer. I sing praises to thee, and I suffer no longer.”

It made me feel like I was in some sort of ritual (which was then pretty much proven after seeing Blood Ceremony and then Ghost).

One track that I had to listen to a few times was “Forever Tonight.” I couldn’t quite figure out why I thought this song was familiar and then I realized it. The riff in the very beginning sounds extremely familiar to that of “Love You to Death” by Type O Negative, one of my favorites! It’s more just that the chord progression is close, not so much the tempo or rhythm. Plus, this is one of the tracks that the electric guitar really stands out with some distortion so its a nice pick me up after a few mellow tracks.

Lost Civilization” is the next track on the album and I am making a claim with this track. Yes ok, I do like the track a lot, but does anyone else feel like its the new age version of “Kumbaya my Lord?” I mean, its a simple song, easy to sing with plenty of repetition, very “primitive” sounding as well. If you don’t get what the fuck I’m trying to portray, I implore you to go and get this album or at very least, look it up on Youtube. It will be worth your time I can assure you of that.

So who remembers the good ol’ WWF days? Kevin Nash? When he was known as Diesel? Well if you remember his theme music then “Devil Brain” will draw you back with its very slow, heavy, desert highway feeling. The main leads in the song also reminded me a lot of Slayer’s “Seasons in the Abyss” intro. I think it’s great that AVV has some great mix of influences and aren’t afraid to show all of them! This song continues the “sing-a-long” type choruses that can keep even the most elitist listeners interested.

One last track I want to touch upon is “World of Flesh.” This song was probably my favorite off the live set they played mainly because of the catchy chorus (you see the trend yet?), the build ups that the pre-chorus presents, and the verses that remind me oh so much of the great Pantera. I can’t really put my finger on which song it reminds me the most of, probably “Cemetery Gates” or “This Love.”

For a short album, I still love every track. Every song has similarities between them, which is that really southern, crossroads, satanic feel to it. However, each song has it’s own character and stands out from the rest. Any fan of metal or rock in general would be considered an idiot if they didn’t give this album a spin. Just because a band isn’t signed to a well known label doesn’t mean that they don’t sound good. And some recent news as I type this out, apparently AVV was signed to Prosthetic Records! So get out to your closest record store and pick up Ancient VVisdom’s newest, A Godlike Inferno.


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