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Anathema “Weather Systems”

anathema weather systemsSometimes the only way to find music that really holds onto you and speaks to you is to take a chance on it.  That is precisely what I did here, and I am glad I did.  Anathema hails from Liverpool, England (GO REDS!) and in their original incantation, led the way for doom-metal as a viable metal subgenre.  Anathema, kown for the evolution of their sound, release the next part of the wild ride with Weather Systems.

In short, this album has it all.  While this album, along with some previous releases, is more aptly filed under prog-rock, Anathema stays true to its roots while churning out a musical masterpiece from beginning to end.  The long drawn out vocals, co-anchored by a very talented male-female combination, give the album a sullen, distraught vibe.  The vocal work will imediately eliminat the rage of any hot-blooded meat-head while also showing extreme depth and talent.  Despair never sounded so perfect.

Musically, the album shows glimmers of Anathema’s roots in some of their interlude and breakdowns, but also prove they hve the chops to flip the style on its head and produce something so easy to listen to that anything else becomes a chore.  The music is almsot surreal in its approach, and feels, at times, otherwordly.  Such appeal to sounds does not strictly come from just what is playing, but also how it is arranged.  The album is mastered perfectly, and is easily one of the best composed albums I have EVER heard.  From beginning to end, the sound is tight and perfect.  The use of silence and quiet tones in the album adds a very specific ambiance that I can only describe as “perfect for a rainy day”.  It is absolutely mind blowing.

It is very rare that I find an album I cannot turn off.  Since picking this up a few days ago, I cannot stop listening.  Every time I listen, I pick up more and more.  This album evokes some serious modd swings that only your 50 something menopausal aunt can compete against, but does so in a much more calm manner.  This album is a must-get in my book.  And before anyone tries to rag on me for such a glowing review of a soft sounding album, check your attitude before you check the album.  You will be surprised.


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