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Lord Mantis “Pervertor”

Lord Mantis - PervertorI tried really hard to like this album, I really did.  I’ve got a bit of a nationalistic thing going when it comes to American bands – I really want to like them.  I was really looking forward to listening to and reviewing this album.  It just doesn’t deliver.  It’s middle-of-the road at best.

“When are we going to have our first positive Doug review?” Mr. Thrash asks me.  “When I get a good album to review” I tell him.

So, what didn’t I like about this album?  First off, it’s boring – and this is coming from someone who enjoys his drone metal.  The riffs are tired and uninspired.  The drumming sounds phoned-in.  There’s so many effects added to the vocals that it just sounds silly.  Add this all together and consider that the average song length on this album clocks in at a whopping six and a half minutes and you’re in for a long, dull haul of a listen.

I’m going to break from my usual style and not review each individual song in this review.  There’s really nothing noteworthy distinguishing them from one another.   They’re all similarly mediocre.  Even when a particular song on this album seems to offer something better than the others, it quickly falls in line.  Overall, this album is a disappointment.

This album is not patently bad, but it’s nothing impressive either.  It’s pedestrian.

If you’re looking for something in this direction but done well, check out Watain.  They’ve managed to put together some good, chuggy, sludgy black metal that is actually entertaining.


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