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The Devastated “Devil’s Messenger”

The Devastated - Devil's MessengerDeathcore is becoming a bit big for it to handle. I still don’t really understand how metalcore got passed by with tight pants and 15 year old girls for Deathcore, but it did, I guess you can blame metalcore/deathcore crossover post-hardcore bands like Bring Me the Horizon. Why someone wants to be peed on by the band is beyond me, but then again, I don’t think like a 15 year old girl. This brings me back to the fact that, just like everything else popular in the world, someone is trying to do it, copy it, become it, blend with it and be the next big thing. Is The Devastated that band or do the fizzle out like all the other dime-a-dozen deathcore acts cropping up today?

The Devastated consist of ex-members of Impending Doom and Oblige. Once the cookie-cutter essential Suicide Silence’s Mitch had this to say about them, “The Devastated is the heaviest thing to hit the Earth since the asteroids that killed off the dinosaurs” I knew I was going to be blown away. (NOTE: Sarcasm)

“Devil’s Messenger” is pretty much what we have all come to expect from deathcore, nothing more, nothing less.

Heavy? Check
Angry? Check
Slow CHUGS? Check
Slower CHUGS? Check

Now this might be coming off as a complete slam to The Devastated, it’s not meant to be. They decided to pick up the common formula and produce the proven product. The more swears, the more anger, the slower the breakdowns the heavier the formula will bring on the fans by the boatload. But to get into the nitty gritty of why I say this, lets dissect a bit more about “Devil’s Messenger.”

When I popped the disc in I was pleasantly met with a surprise, the opener ‘Drip, Drip’ has an excellent opening, and despite the fact that I am pulling this completely out of my ass, I swear the creepy laughing track they have to intro the song is from the film “Even Dwarfs Started Small” which if it is I would be super impressed with The Devastated’s film tastes. After the opening the song gets heavy and the vocals kick in; reminding me of the later Suicide Silence sound (“The Black Crown”) versus the earlier “The Cleansing.” The guitar work is muddy, simple and heavy. The drumming is fast and ferocious and the bass is muddy as well. The vocal work really over powers the rest of the instruments. After hearing ‘Drip, Drip’ I figured I would be in for a pleasant surprise, unfortunately that was not the case. Tracks 2 through 11 all sound like ‘Drip, Drip’ to an alarming degree. Before I gave up however ‘Conductor’ came on and the slow hooks had me banging my head. This was a weird song, it sticks to the deathcore growls but the beat is slower, groovier and doesn’t fit the deathcore scene. ‘Hollowed’ follows suite, and although more deathcore it has some unique hooks to it and solid drum work. These two tracks are where the band shines.

Typically I wouldn’t dig into this release much more since in all honesty, if deathcore is your thing, this isn’t bad; it’s just typical and simple. In fact had I given up on track 11 I would have probably given it a 7.5 in the rating world, but after hearing that this band can be more than cookie cutter deathcore, I re-listened to the album and realized they just aren’t trying or they wrote those 2 songs at a completely different time in the bands existence. I would love to see an effort from The Devastated more like ‘Hollowed’ and ‘Conductor’ and less like Suicide Silence because I think this band has some potential and talent. Until then though, this is deathcore without any flare and because of the clearly noticeable talent they possess I dropped the rating some more.

Remember, the rating is just a rating, and if you’re a fan of bands like Whitechapel or Suicide Silence this will be right up your alley. If you want your music angry with extra chugga look no further. If you want some difference in the deathcore scene, this probably isn’t it.

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