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Everything Went Black “Cycles of Light”

everything-went-black-cycles-of-lightEverything Went Black is a hardcore band on Prosthetic records, blending in some melodic and even black metal elements as well as some doom riffs to create a unique sound in the hardcore world. I’ve heard this described as blackened crusty hardcore… whatever that means Cycles of Light is a damn good hardcore album that expands well beyond what one might normally think of as hardcore, while not going off on too many weird tangents and ruining the music.

Cycles of Light starts our with an instrumental, the melodic and ominous sounding track XI. XI basically sets up the rest of the album, puts you in the right frame of mind to listen to the other tracks. Gods of Atlantis is next which hits a lot harder and eventually breaks into what would normally be considered hardcore. Gods of Atlantis showcases the additions that Everything Went Black use, dark melody, frequent changes that keep things dark and interesting. Halo of Vultures is next, the riffs are hardcore, and a sort of slower heavier sound dominates the track. Lifeless is a short track that starts hard and fast and has an interesting atmospheric guitar bridge that ends with bass and vocals. Parades is one of the longer tracks on the album, and the most diverse. Parades is probably the standout track in terms of what Everything Went Black seem to be going for with their sound, elements of doom, black metal and hardcore are interwoven on successfully. Parades builds to a solid hardcore ending that changes over to ethereal strings. Possible the most aggressive track and least filled with that doom atmosphere, Thorn Feeders hits hard from start to finish. Amongst Wolves has some of the cooler bass breaks (there are a few) on Cycles of Light, and the bassist gets an excellent overdrives sound here. The bass and drum ending of Among Wolves is notably kick ass. Kingdoms has a long atmospheric build up to a hardcore based track with a big anthem(ic) ending. The closer is Baptists, a solid ending to a very strong album.

Overall Cycles of Light is a hardcore album, but it’s a really good hardcore album. It’s also far from the stereotype, there are doom elements, black metal and melodic elements, and some old school hardcore elements as well. If you are a hardcore fan at all, Cycles of Light is well worth checking out.


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