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Avatar “Black Waltz”

Avatar - Black Waltz“Black Waltz” is the latest installment from Gothenberg gothic metal band Avatar.  Yep, it’s pretty much another Gothenberg album from another Gothenberg band.

The album begins with “Let us die”.  With the exception of some tepid tapping about half way through this tune, it’s pretty boring, repetitive and unremarkable.

“Torn Apart” begins with a groovy, overdone riff which permeates throughout most of the track (you will notice this trend on almost every song on the album) which occasionally relents to allow for half-assed breakdowns and a weak house-inspired chorus that even Rob Zombie would wince at.

“Ready For The Ride” begins with some half-way decent tremolo riffs but then loses itself.  I tell you, Gothenburg must have one hell of a recycling program.

I actually got a little bit excited at the beginning of the next track – but then I remembered that I’d hear this riff about a thousand more times probably in between drum/keyboard/chanting measures and maybe some disco thrown in.  I kid about the disco… or do I?  The chorus suggests that he would like to “cleanse his soul in napalm.”  I don’t know why you’d do that; napalm is expensive.  At the very least, gasoline is cheaper.  That’s what I’m going to have to clean my ears out with after listening to this.

Ok!  Title track time!  Hey Avatar, 1996 called and In Flames wants their sound back!  Just kidding, you guys aren’t as good as In Flames.  “Black Waltz” is as forgettable as the rest of the tracks on this album.

Hey, did someone order some flange effects and lame riffs?  I got your “Blod” right here.  There’s a somewhat redeeming (albeit brief) solo in this song which leads me to believe that there’s some talent somewhere in this band but it just doesn’t pan out in their songwriting.

I’m gonna be honest – “Let it Burn” is an awful, awful song.  However – once again, these guys display that they have some musical acumen but just totally fail to deliver.  This track starts out with a decent sounding southern-rock style riff that leads into some piss-poor Marilyn Manson style (what I like to term “spooky singing”) measures and then descends into some more recycled Gothenberg-style junk.

The next few tracks aren’t worth reviewing individually.  That is, until we get to “Use Your Tongue”.  Combining southern rock elements with some goofy sing-songy gothic I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it?  Now I’ve heard it all.   Then, once again, we get some insight into these guys actual musical prowess in a small guitar harmony about halfway through the track.  If they put as much effort into trying to be spooky as they did these brief interludes of musicianship, we’d have a really good band on our hands.  If you listen closely on this track, you can hear a phone ringing – it’s reality calling.  Someone in Avatar, please pick up.

So, all-in-all, this album is junk, but if you’re into the whole Gothenberg scene – you’d probably like this.  Probably the most frustrating aspect of this to me is that these guys (at least some of them) are clearly talented musicians.  I don’t think I would have been as critical if these elements weren’t present.  It’s one thing to have a piece of crap put out by three-chord-wonders, it’s completely different when it’s put out by some guys who know how to play.  There’s enough cookie-cutter mainstream appealing snot out there from Gothenberg.


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