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Aborted “Global Flatline”

aborted-global-flatlineAborted are back with Global Flatline. This is death metal, brutal gore filled death metal. If you are a fan of Aborted you pretty much know what to expect. Global Flatline is bit more accessible, but at the same time the first words you hear are, “I’m going to fucking rape your soul” so you know you are still on familiar ground with Global Flatline.

Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé handles the vocals, he pretty much does the death metal thing, nothing really new or ground breaking but at the same time he is really good at the death metal thing. He’s more understandable than some of his peers, and on Global Flatline more than comprehensible than normal. Lyrical the gory, almost comically violent poetry remains. Here is a sample from a track called “Fecal Forgery” and yes, I read that in David St.Hubbins voice ala “you can’t really dust for vomit.”:

“Inundated with revolting matter
This succulent banquet of drud and gore
The playful joy of fecal batter
As I am engulfed in excremental charm “

Quite an image really. Other lyrics are more standard brutal/death based:

“Cataclysmic discharge of emotional decay
A waste of breath and time, with the saw I extirpate
A pathological nightmare or a deity’s wrath,
For man is disease and must be put down at last “

I submit though that this is all part of the fun that is the band Aborted. Throughout there are snippets from movies such as Hellraiser, which add to the atmosphere. Eran Segal and Mike Wilson handle the guitar work. They are both very competent death metal guitarists, catchy riffs that go along with blast beats abound, and melodic lines over those keep it flowing and add some accessibility to Global Flatline, which might be seen as a negative by some, as an addition by others. The soloing on Global Flatline is fairly standard death metal fair, and there are a lot of squeals present. The riffing is top notch, catchy while not being overly used or recycled, tracks like The Origin of Disease and the Kallinger Theory are notable here. Bass is handled by J.B. Van Der Wal, who does a decent job of holding everything down and keeping the drum/guitar bridge in place. Ken Bedene handles the drums, and for the most part Ken does an excellent job of knowing when to blast away and when to lay back and add tension, as on the track Expuration Euphoria. It’s important to note that this copy included the two bonus tracks, Eructations of Carnal Artistry, and Nailed through her Cunt. If some of these tracks are familiar, they are from the previous EP Coronary Reconstruction, and have been redone for Global Flatline.

Overall this is the Aborted you know and love. There is something here for everyone from the riffs of the title track to the epic guitars of Endstille, to the scatological ponderings of Fecal Forgery. If you are a fan already this is one to pick up, if not, and you don’t mind things being a little… rough, then check out Global Flatline.


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