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Goatwhore “Blood for the Master”

Goatwhore - Blood for the MasterGoathwhore has done it again! The Louisiana quartet have taken their past two amazing albums and have outdone themselves with the release of Blood for the Master. In this album I feel like they grew just a touch bit more with a sound unlike any other. The best way to describe them if you have never listened to them before, and especially for this album, is a band with a black metal foundation with hints of death metal and Motorhead tossed in. Having heard the first track, “Collapse in Eternal Worth,” I was more than pleased to pick this album for review!

At one point in time, I remember someone mentioning to me that Goatwhore was a failed attempt at black metal. I had to laugh in this poor child’s face. Just because the recordings of Goatwhore aren’t similar to that of early Immortal and Darkthrone, cough cough recording in a Pringle can cough cough, doesn’t mean it isn’t black metal. These guys really work on finding that sweet spot between black metal and death metal, and they did a hell of a job of that in this album.

The first track, “Collapse in Eternal Worth,” starts off immediately with what would scare anybody who left their iPod headphones turned too far up. And to make things even better, lyrics on this album have stayed similar to past albums, pure blasphemy, which we have all learned to love in this genre! Unfortunately, the only lyrics I could find were from this first track. As I read along on one of my listen throughs of the album, these lyrics really stood out as goddamn evil:

Spoiled with ageless blood
Destroy the kingdoms on the throne above
Rising legion of the damned
Bring forth the holy lamb of the slaughter

These will have to be included on my recent idea of a weekly article known as “Tim’s Lyrics that you Should Never Allow Your Grandmother to Hear.”

One of my favorite tracks, which may be the heaviest on the album, is “In Deathless Tradition.” Throughout this album, I noticed a vocalist (pretty sure it is lead vocalist Ben Falgoust) that has included the use of deep growls. With this track, Sam’s thunderous guitar work hits us like a wall while Ben’s deep growls made the hair stand up on my arms. Normally, this is a sign that I am listening to something that is rocking the very foundation im standing on.

Judgment of the Bleeding Crown” was another great track due to its heaviness at times like its predecessor. However, a chugging breakdown is heard in the background during what sounds like an eerie ritual being performed by Ben in a terrifying voice, nothing that I have ever really heard before. This song had a much more black metal feel to it with tremolo guitar work and spots of machine gun bass drumming from Zach as well.

The very next track has a very different sort of intro, then thunders into one of the best head banging riffs of the album. “Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos” starts off with a guitar solo, yes a true guitar solo! Reminded me a lot of Mercyful Fate sounding intros, so I was immediately sucked in. Just as the solo whinded down, one of those “I wish I had long hair to windmill” moments came up. I absolutely love this moments in this genre of music and just one of the reasons I will never stop following it. Other parts of the song sounded like pretty basic Goatwhore that you would expect. Overall an amazing track to start the second half of the album.

For those who are heading out to one of Goatwhore’s many shows coming up this year, I recommend looking for them to play “Death to the Architects of Heaven.” This entire song was basically a giant circle pit to me and I could literally see it pan out in my head how it would look. The following track, “An End to Nothing” offered the same feeling to me with that heavy use of thrash elements such as the amazingly fast guitar work from Sam Duet and thrash beats from Zach Simmons behind the set.

So if you have read this far, and you don’t know if this album can stack up to the past two; then let me break it to you easily. Buy this fucking album! While you’re at it, buy tickets to the shows, buy their merch, wear it proudly, and spread the word! I can safely say I like this album the best out of all of their work so far (not to trash on past work because I love that too). And I can also safely say that you, the listener, will probably agree with me on this one. If not better than the past releases, then it certainly meets expectations without any doubt.

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