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Lamb of God “Resolution”

lamb-of-god-resolutionSo far from what I have read and heard, a lot of people aren’t too big on this album. I, personally, am actually a fan of how this band has progressed through out their career and still enjoy the music they make, whether they have “gone mainstream” or not.

Anyways, this album starts off with a bang that consists of Randy’s powerful scream over a very heavy intro that leads into “Desolation.” From this intro, named “Straight for the Sun,” all the way until the last note of “King Me” really hits you square in the face. It feels like they took what they did right in the past two albums and tried to add them together, while also trying a few new things out, like the use of gang vocals. For those who have read my past reviews, I am a huge gang vocals fan boy, so of course those moments got me hooked. The ending of “Ghost Walking,” the first single off the album, shows just that.

Another aspect that I have always enjoyed about this band is moments where Randy really exerts his ability to scream, and then over does that. The fourth track, “Guilty,” builds me up to the end where Randy lets out a devastating scream over Mark and Willie’s amazing riff work. Still even now as I am listening to the album again, I still get goose bumps when this song plays.

The following track, “The Undertow,” is a fast paced, thrashy song that will get the pits going if they play it on their upcoming tour with Acacia Strain. Not only are our ears greeted with another gifted solo from Mark Morton, but we also get to hear something Lamb of God hasn’t done in sometime, and that is incorporate a breakdown that actually gets your jaw to drop and it doesn’t make the song revolve around it. Take notes deathcore bands, that’s what breakdowns are used for, to spice up, not circle your songs around.

The Number Six” then expands even more than the last few tracks. This track has a nice thrashy feel to the verses, then it calms down to a very catchy chorus guitar riff. Then the song quiets down around the two minute mark with Randy almost whispering to the audience about how he can

Feel my hands. Feel, my hands around your throat!

Not only do you get this little interesting interlude of pure hostility, but then they come back in with a little breakdown with gang vocals “You dug your own grave,” over it! Oh the simple little things that these guys do that make me bang my head.

One of the weird moments of the album comes in “Insurrection.” Either they got a guest vocalist in the beginning or Randy is… well it sounds like he was singing?! It wasn’t bad, I was just left questioning myself. The instrumentals were also very different from what I am accustomed to from LOG. I don’t hate it, but I am just unsure of how I feel with it at this point in time.

For those who have a true love of Blues or Southern Rock, “To The End” has a great guitar riff and feel to it similar to you at a destruction derby, watching metal get twisted around, all while drinking a shitty beer like PBR. Overall this was a song that could have surprised me, but I have been waiting for this kind of sound from these guys for quite some time now. Not one of my favorites, but its got a great groove to it so I won’t be pressing the skip button here.

Just to wrap things up, if I had to pick some favorites, I would have to pick out: “Guilty,” “The Undertow,” “The Number Six,” “Cheated” for its amazing punk feel right into a heavy as hell breakdown, and the ever epic “King Me.” Now obviously I am a big fan of this album, but I can’t say that its one of those classics. This is why I am not giving the album a 9.0+ rating (old system was out of 10) unfortunately since I save that for a true classic. Don’t get me wrong, its not that this wasn’t up to my expectations, I just don’t ever quite know what to expect from the Richmond boys since they are trying to grow at the same time as not leaving their roots. Fortunately, I feel this growth on Resolution has had a positive effect on me and hopefully many others when it comes out.

For those who have never listened to these A-listers, I suggest you listen to old albums such as As The Palaces Burn and Ashes of the Wake then make your way to something new like Sacrament or Wrath before testing Resolution. For avid listeners of Lamb of God, if you liked the direction that Sacrament and Wrath has brought your ears, Resolution should not let you down.


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