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Biohazard “Reborn in Defiance”

biohazard-reborn-in-defianceIn today’s world, extreme music has been turning into a giant redundancy department of redundancy… with that corny joke said, longtime hardcore band, Biohazard, has returned with a solid reminder of what hardcore should sound like. This reminder comes in the form of their newest album, Reborn in Defiance. And let me tell you, this album is long overdue!

Personally, I have been waiting for quite some time for that hardcore release that would get me listening to the genre again. It is only suiting that Biohazard makes said release since they were probably the last hardcore band I actually listened to on a daily basis along with Earth Crisis. After a very, um, interesting intro to the album, my joke of a laptop almost caved in from the first note of “Vengeance is Mine.” This first track really sets the mood for the album, that the guys have returned and they are ready to take back what is rightfully theirs.

One thing about hardcore/thrash/punk that I will always be a fan of is gang vocals. This record had plenty and then some extra gang vocals which is just fine by my standards! One of my favorite examples is the song, “Reborn.” I guess you would call it the chorus of the song actually that is where my example lies. The gang vocals:

“From sickness I am torn,
Through suffering reborn
No compassion, no control,
Only black inside my soul.”

give off a vibe of, “Hey you are going through some pretty crappy times right now, but keep fighting for what you want out of life and everything’s gunna be ok.” The fact that these are gang vocals with numerous voices chanting the same words, kinda gives you that motivation to get through class or work, get those last few reps out at the gym, or just to step up and beat the snot out of that bully.

One track that I thought was an interesting choice was the second track, “Decay.” Its a true head banging song with a very heavy feel to the guitars and drums. Being used to the speedy, punky type instrumentals from Biohazard, this song felt different to me… but in a good way! This track is probably one of my favorite tracks off the album now after a few listen through’s.

One of my favorite tracks (because I can’t pick just one favorite), I’d probably have to pick out “Countdown Doom” thanks to the kick ass instrumentals, gang vocals, and the message in the lyrics. The track is introduced by the sound of hammering drums that literally got my adrenaline going to the point where I wanted to jump around my room… which in a basement, could pose to be a problem. The message behind this song I felt was that we all need to step up to the crappy government that has been running our country the past decade or so and we should be fighting for our freedoms, not bitching about them. There is a great build up towards the end of the song with a killer breakdown and some gang vocals to top off one of the best tracks on the album.

Some other favorites I had were: “Come Alive” and “Skullcrusher” for great riffs and a great solo in the latter. To be honest, I liked all the songs in this album and there were only a few iffy moments that I came across. The only tiff I probably had with the album was “Vows of Redemption.” By no means do I not like the song, its just at the beginning of the song, we hear a piano, then slide guitar work over rapping. I guess I was just confused at the mixture of the sounds, but hey, it sounds different and that’s what extreme music nowadays needs, a new direction.

Overall this was a great album for the hardcore world. It may not be considered a classic by many, but this is a hardcore album that should be listened to. Give it a few run through’s and you’ll have to agree that this album was a must. Especially with the new hardcore bands that have come out and continue to appear really don’t know what the hell they are doing from what I heard.


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