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4ARM with Danny Tomb

On the tail end of the summer, I was fortunate enough to email Danny Tomb of the Australian thrash outfit, 4ARM. During this time, I listened to a lot of what the thrashers from down under had to offer, and to put it simply, these guys know how to get your head banging! This is what Dan had to say.


Tim Ledin: For the readers that may not know of 4ARM, what is your name, position in the band, and how would you describe your band’s sound/message?

Dan Tomb: Danny Tomb vocals/ guitars. I would say we are an energetic heavy hitting thrash band. Our message is simple really -don’t be intimidated or afraid to stand up for what you believe in! Just because someone says it’s one way doesn’t mean that everybody has to agree. We live in a world full of corporate greed and political garbage, that tastes real bad at the best of times.


Tim: What are some influences you have as a vocalist?


Dan: James Hetfield has always been a big influence for me. As well as Phil Anselmo, Robb Flynn, Tom Araya, Corey Taylor -they all have awesome, unique styles and great voices that always enhanced everything they went for in music.


Tim: So there’s a new album coming out from 4ARM. What’s it called and what can we expect from it?


Dan: Submission for Liberty is the title… You can expect everything from melody to ferocity, an aggressive display of how heavy thrash metal can be. It’s a journey and we want the listener to feel what we feel when they thrash out to the tracks. It’s tough ‘balls-to-the-wall’ Metal through and through.


Tim: Any release date for “Submission for Liberty?”


Dan: The release is set for early February 2012.


Tim: How does “Submission for Liberty” differ from the past two albums, the debut, “13 Scars,” and great follow up album, “The Empires of Death?”


Dan: The album is definitely heavier and faster than our previous two. We experimented a little with enhancing certain pieces of music through-out the album. Never a dull moment was something we kept in mind during the writing, Mick and I tested ourselves on many different levels, starting right back from the initial riffs and beats through to developing material that would be consistent. We always kept the entire album in mind, not just the song we were writing at the time. We wanted it to flow which is something we had never really done before. “Empires” was a good album as was “13 scars”… though looking back on each previous albums they’re just lessons of ‘what not to do’ on your next. We wanted to push ourselves with Submission and we did. We achieved what we set out to do and are extremely proud of it.


Tim: Do you have any personal favorites off of “Submission for Liberty?”


Dan: Each song on the album has something in it for me that makes it a personal favorite. I guess if I had to choose, the stand out tracks for me would have to be While I Lie Awake, Blood of Martyrs and The Oppressed.


Tim: Are there any tracks you are excited to play live?


Dan: I can’t wait to play the whole damn thing live! But While I Lie Awake would be one to really get my adrenaline going!


Tim: Speaking of playing live, any plans for touring?


Dan: Yeah, we will definitely be doing some extensive touring on the back of this album.


Tim: Will 4ARM be making its way over here to North America and possibly Europe soon?


Dan: We are certainly pushing for it, an American and European tour is something we are definitely working on. The possibility of us making our way out there sometime next year at this stage is very good. It’s definitely a goal we have always aimed for and wont rest until we’ve reached it.


Tim: Any bands in mind that you’d like to tour with?


Dan: Hahaha there are plenty… Machine Head, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Battlecross, Vita Imana. Man, I could throw names at you all day! We are touring Australia with German thrashers Destruction this November which is something we are very happy and pumped to be a part of.


Tim: One thing I love about an album, set aside the music, is the artwork. This new album’s artwork is outstanding. Tell me a little about the idea behind it, and who is the artist?


Dan: The artists name is Brent Elliot White from New York. He had worked on Arch Enemy’s latest release, as well as Death Angel and Megadeth’s End Game. It’s a visual depiction that shows that in order to have freedom you must first submit to the will of your government. No matter where you are, your freedom is based on the parameters set out by our corporate sectors and governments that tell us what to do, what to think and what to feel! The line of men on the album cover that are chained to each other marching into the ominous factory; this is their outward submission. It’s not that they want to do it, it’s that they have to do it. Too often we are led to believe that we actually have the choice but in fact we don’t. We are being forced to waste our lives making other people rich, only to retire a year before you die…that’s IF you make it that far. During your time here, you are told when you can eat, sleep, shit or breathe! We are willing slaves to a pre-conceived freedom.


Tim: I leave the last word for you Dan, what would you like to say to your fans and hopefully some future 4ARM fans?


Dan: I would like to say thank you for sharing our journey and being a part of everything. We truly appreciate each and every person that has ever taken the time to listen and follow the band. And we hope to see you ALL at our shows real soon!

4Arm - Submission For Liberty

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