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Andrew WK “Party All Goddamn Night”

Andrew WK - Party All Goddamn NightThere is music that makes a person wonder what the hell they are listening to while other music is very clearly defined.  There is music that motivates people, and there is music that makes people lazy.  Likewise, there are musicians who write to appeal to a certain crowd while others write what they want to write.  There is guilty pleasure music, and there is music that a listener will publicly announce they listen to.  Using these ideas, where does Andrew WK’s new EP, “The Party All Goddamned Night EP” fall?  Every-fucking-where.

Andrew WK is a one man wrecking machine who has been called punk rock, heavy metal, and hard rock.  While that is fine and dandy, those are closer to categorizations of his style of music through his career.  To give one name (or a multitude of typical genres names mashed together- you know, the kind of shit mainstream reviewers do because they are lazy sacks of – you get the idea), Andrew WK and his music cannot be categorized.  He is a one man wrecking machine, and this album is further proof of that.

Andrew WK combines a love for fast music, heavy sounds but also energetic party atmosphere’s into this album.  While musically, the album is not groundbreaking on a technical level, as evidenced by the simple guitar riffs and the rather uninspired lyrics, the sound has proven successful for him.  The simple guitar riffs have a almost menacing buzz saw sound to their power chords, the kind that a child puts together at age 11 and then decides he wants to start a band to show how delusional he is about his greatness.  (That kid, by the way, started the band The Offspring.)  Behind those guitars, you hear the sound of no other true instruments.  The rest of the musicianship is made up of computer generated sounds, tying this music a bit closer to techno-thrash type music a la the occasional The Prodigy single.  The Prodigy doesn’t amp you up for the night and get you ready to rock with your tweaker friends, though.

So, despite this lackluster description of musical quality may scare many away, it is also what draws people in.  The music for this genre, doesn’t need complexity.  It just needs to make one move.  This album, with its hard, techno-laden sounds fits more in a European nightclub than in anyone’s metal collection.  If you find this album in your techno-metal collection, you might actually be Andrew WK, because after all, who has a techno-metal collection besides the man himself?  This album makes you want to get up and move.  It used to be said that coffee and a cold shower were the best thing to shake the drunkenness but I put forth to you that this album will be far more efficient at slapping the sober back into you.  On the flipside, this album will make you want to call your tweaker friends (after all, I only expect die-hard fans, errr, tweakers to read this far), and if they aren’t available for throwing down, you may find yourself shooting up your dog just to have a thrash dance partner in your living room.

This album is not one that causes people to rush out to the store and buy it.  This album is most likely found in DJ’s collections, allowing them to every once in a while, flip the switch on a lame party and get people moving.  This artist, and more specifically, this album, hold an extremely unique place in the music world.  This is not an album to venture out and by on a hunch, but rather one to buy if you are a fan of Andrew WK’s previous works.  Typically, when people say that, it means “eh, this is far from great”, and on the surface, it may be.  But one cannot help but appreciate the place in music this album holds.  And that is what makes this album strangely awesome, to the right listener.

Track Listing:
  1. Party All Goddamn Night
  2. Everybody’s Raging
  3. I Sold My Soul
  4. Head Bang
  5. I’m A Vagabond
  6. We’re All Women
  7. I Was Born to Love You

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