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IKillYa “Recon”

IKillYa - ReconThis past winter I discovered a band named IKillYa from New York. This discovery made my brutal New England Winter worth living through since my ears fell upon a band that I think have the potential to rise to the top of the metal/hardcore world. After listening to this EP for a while now, I think it’s safe to say that the writers over at MetalSucks really hit the spot with the sound that IKillYa bring. They coined the term “urban groove metal,” which loosely translates to “Lamb of God but from the streets of New York City.” I also like to think that lead singer Jason Lekberg also sounds a lot like Devildriver‘s Dez Farara. And, dare I say, a bit more aggressive than Dez?

The first track from Recon is called At My Signal. At first glance of the track listing, I immediately thought of Mel Gibson at the beginning of The Patriot when he tells his boys to wait for his signal before he unleashes hell on the red coats. Ironically enough, this quick 40 second intro is a crescendo of horns that prepares you for the EP. Right as the horns depart, …And Hell Followed With Him smacks you in the face with a brutal intro scream from Jason. This was the first song I had actually heard from these guys and without a doubt is the “radio song” from the record. The groovy guitar riffs and the heavy drumming really get your blood going on the first track. One of my favorite lines in the song:

“To control me, you must kill me.”

Short, simple, yet to the point. With that one line I knew I was in for a ride for the rest of this album.

Another favorite of mine off the record is Razorblades. The intro shows some fancy fretwork with a very memorable lick that I catch myself humming at work. Just as you feel safe, the crushing drums return with even more groove from guitarist, Dave Kerr. Razorblades really gets you motivated when you are having one of those bullshit days at the office or at school.

“So put your eyes to the skies
And remember that their words
Their words are only lies
Keeping you from breaking your ties
Don’t be the one who never tries”

It’s almost as if a really good friend is telling you that there will be those against you every day but to just block them out and go do what you want to do with your life.

I’d have to say my favorite off of Recon (even though it’s hard to just pick one) is Bombs Away. In this song you can really feel the New York hardcore scene peak through with chugging guitar work, matching drumming, and some gang vocals. Bombs Away also includes a grueling breakdown at about 2:30 in and my favorite lyric off of the entire album as it is catchy as hell.

“And I hope you packed your parachute
‘Cause I won’t be here to catch you
Bombs away”

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet then I implore you to do so. It’s not often that I feel like an up and coming band has such a great shot at making big shows/festivals, but IKillYa has given me that feeling time and time again. Some other good tracks to check out are: E.H.R., Godsize, and Escape Plan. As I said before, fans of groove metal like Lamb of God, Devildriver, The Absence, and maybe even some Pantera, will undoubtedly get sucked into IKIllYa. Go buy this EP and catch one of their shows, they will make you wonder why you haven’t listened to them until that very moment.

Track Listing:

  1. At My Signal
  2. …And Hell Followed With Him
  3. E.H.R.
  4. Razorblades
  5. Godsize
  6. Lifesblood
  7. Bombs Away
  8. Escape Plan
  9. Jet Fuel Genetic
  10. Echoes In Eternity

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