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Caliban “Coverfield”

Coverfield is a four song EP by German metalcore band Caliban. This is really just for Caliban fans and those fans that also like the four songs on the EP at that. It’s not really a great representation of Caliban as a band, it’s more like, though less successful than, BTBAM’s The Anatomy Of in that it’s showing some of the roots and influences.

Type O Negative’s My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend starts off the list, and Caliban pulls it off passably. No one sings like Peter Steele though, and if you’re a purist this will not work for you, otherwise it’s a very Caliban-esque take on a Type O classic and very listenable.

Sonne is next, a Rammstein cover. This is a little less successful than the Type O track in that the song suffers a bit when not played in that overly grandiose industrial way Rammstein plays, however we are still in passable territory and it’s still worthwhile for Caliban fans to give this one a spin.

At the Gates Blinded by Fear is next, and here is where we start having problems. Caliban seems to not catch the energy of the original at all, the track sounds off, like it’s not synced up right or the guitars are struggling to keep up. Not horrible, but not great and not something that should have been released.

Helter Skelter. I hate Beatles covers almost 100% of the time, and I’m not a huge Beatles fan by any stretch. Covering Helter Skelter as some type of weird metalcore hybrid mutant nonsense is just horrible. I think the closest thing I have seen to a good cover of Helter Skelter was the Motley Crue version, and that’s saying something. The tacked on heavy ending did nothing to make this better. This is a thing that should not be.

Overall Coverfield is a somewhat random collection of four songs that will probably only appeal to Caliban fans. The quality of the covers is OK, but not great. These songs would be great surprises in sets where they are headlining or have a longer set, but I think committing them to tape/HDD was not the best idea in the world. They do have a full length coming out later this year, so Caliban fans watch for that.

Track Listing:

  1. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend (Type O Negative)
  2. Sonne (Rammstein)
  3. Blinded by Fear (At The Gates)
  4. Helter Skelter (Beatles)


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