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Blood of the Martyrs “Once More with Feeling”

Blood of the Martyrs is a metalcore band that branches out from the metalcore sound a bit to include some melodic elements, some keys and even some electronic elements. They are a Christian band, which will be a huge turn off to some, however they have a pretty good sense of humor so I never felt overly like I was being bombarded for my “life choices” or forced to join a cult or anything. If you listen carefully and let the message bother you overly, this will not be a band for you, but if you can handle the lyrical content then Once More with Feeling is worth a listen.

Blood of the Martyrs sense of humor is evident right from the start with the album title Once More with Feeling and this continues throughout most of the tracks. This aspect will probably be as polarizing to some as the Christian message, it depends on how “serious” you need your metal to be, how “Al Gore” you are about it really. I actually like the clever wordplay here, to me it compliments the music and does not take anything away from the message, instead it keeps it from feeling like a lecture about the perils of grabbing your own wang and having an impure thought or two about voluptuous red headed twins… anyway it helps keep it from being preachy. This music finds an interesting spot that is not quite the same as so much of today’s metalcore, which has become very repetitive. The riffs are generally the staccato chugging we have all heard before, and they are as repetitive as you might guess, but it’s what they do on top of those riffs that sets it apart, the symphonic keys, the electronic voices and other sounds all set Once More with Feeling apart from others in the genre, either metalcore or Christian. The extra non metalcore parts are where the creativity of the group appears, in those additional elements of the songs.

Overall Blood of the Martyrs Once Again with Feeling is a pretty solid not quite metalcore effort. Whether one likes it or not will depend greatly on whether one can take the strong Christian message and the added electronic and symphonic elements that they keys and other sound effects bring to the album. The album is well produced, the tracks are creative and have a sense of humor, and the band generally keeps things interesting throughout the album, from the instrumental opener to the companion instrumental closer

Track Listing:

  1. Showdown At Cremation Creek
  2. Vietnamese “Two Step” Viper
  3. Ahh…Real Mosters!!!
  4. 12 Counts Of Sass In The 1st Degree
  5. Now Museum Now You Don’t
  6. Escape To The House Of Mummies Pt. I
  7. Zookreeper
  8. Lady Nightshade
  9. I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills
  10. The Guild Of Calamitous Intent

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