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Salt the Wound “Kill the Crown”

Salt the Wound are back, but they are not quite the Salt the Wound you might remember. Still deathcore, but with a little more melodic death metal and even some thrash metal in there as well. Salt the Wound are technically a two piece as of the reforming of the band with Kevin Schaefer and Jake Scott. This seems to work well for Salt the Wound, they had been plagued with lineup changes and other band problems before they officially called it a day in 2009.

Kill the Crown is a solid deathcore effort. The opener and title track sets the theme right away but also shows some of the more thrash influence and is good introduction to the rest of the album; it does not feel “tacked on” like many instrumental openings can. The track To the Top has some pretty hilarious lyrics actually:

It’s sweaty in the club like red hot, I’ve got this ski mask but I’m not in
Got more flatbills than a flock of steamrolled ducks.
We got our sights on the next pack of Jersey Shore fucks.
Turn a scene slut into a housewife is more than you can fuckin’ handle.
Your girl been blowin’ up my phone.
Sayin’ she wants me to take her to pound town.

…the whole album is worth it just for these lyrics. Elle Esse Dee is a return to more standard deathcore lyrics, and you start to decipher the format of Salt the Wound a little bit more, the way they structure songs and add embellishments. Why Don’t You Have A Seat? may have a funny title but the lyrics themselves are reflective of what I think most people would feel given the subject matter, rage. This track highlights Brandon Tabor’s ability to play deathcore and not be constantly over the top while at the same time not getting too monotonous; it also showcases some of the more melodic side of the guitars. Cash on Delivery is sort of the last “tough guy” song; musically it follows the same patterns and is a very listenable track. Early Mornings and Late Nights and A Year in the Suburbs is where we see a change to more introspective lyrics about relationships and personal challenges, this continues through the the Cliff Before the Fall and Breathless. Musically, there is not a lot of shifting gears, despite the lyrical changes. The album closes with the track Consequences which is sort of an oddball track, but I won’t give away the ending, I’ll just say listen to the whole thing.

Overall Kill the Crown is a very solid album, though different from the previous Salt the Wound albums. Fans of the previous releases may be disappointed but people new to the band will most likely give Kill the Crown high marks.

Track Listing:

  1. Kill The Crown
  2. To The Top
  3. Elle Ess Dee
  4. Why Don’t You Have A Seat
  5. Cash On Delivery
  6. Early Mornings And Late Nights
  7. A Year In The Suburbs
  8. The Cliff Before The Fall
  9. Breathless
  10. Consequence


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