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Destruction “Day of Reckoning”

Destruction - Day of ReckoningWhen it comes to the Teutonic Thrash scene, Destruction once again proves why they are on the same level as Kreator and Sodom. “Day of Reckoning” puts you right in the middle of a demolition derby with only a helmet and a unicycle. Through the entire album I was catching myself head banging and even chanting along to the gang vocals. I always look forward to the greats of thrash metal when they release new cds. At the intensity that they play music for the average metalhead, I wonder how these guys at their age can still rock so hard. However, it’s quite a simple answer: Destruction kicks ass!

The moment the first track, “The Price” starts, you will be blown away at how “to the point” these guys are. As I mentioned before, the gang vocals utilized by Destruction are plentiful throughout the album and truly keep songs different from one another. Most notably, I found it most appealing to yell, “Hate!” in “Hate is my Fuel,” and “The Demon is God!” in the same titled track. Schmier’s vocals are as killer as ever with his amazing ability to combine similarities in vocal patterns with the harshness of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth of Overkill and the crisp cleanliness of Russell Allen of Symphony X.  As for Mike Sifringer, guitarist, he really brings the power of his guitar to life with amazing, memorable, and face-melting riffs. My favorites so far were the main riff of “Devil’s Advocate” and the very clean, yet powerful, sweep arpeggios in the chorus riff of the title track of the album.

A new element to the mix in this album is the newest Destruction family member, Vaaver, who mans the kit. If the harshness in the vocals and sheer brutality of the guitar riffs are not enough for you, then the drums will bring you to your knees. Vaaver reminds every metal head what it is to be a thrash drummer, intensity and speed. The drum tracks laid down for “Day of Reckoning” are right on track when it comes to speed and intensity and gives off such a great vibe of aggression. One of my favorite aspects of thrash drummers is at the end of some tracks they really pick it up and go all out to go out with a bang. In “The Demon is God” it’s no different. The entire song may be more focused on the amazing lyrical message and the memorable pinch harmonics on guitar, but the drumming of Vaaver gets your head banging back and forth up until the closing seconds. At this point I remembered I had short hair and was very bothered that I couldn’t windmill as the drums really punch you in the face to close out probably my favorite track on the album.

For those who are previous fans of Destruction, you will be very happy with this release. Any fans of Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Sodom, or Kreator should also get their hands on a copy of this great thrash album from one of the unsung heroes of the genre, Destruction. And if you like the album that much, go check them out on their recent tour with Overkill. Rumor has it they may travel to North America with Overkill as well, and if you listen to this album you will most certainly agree they should.

Track Listing:

01. The Price
02. Hate Is My Fuel
03. Armageddonizer
04. Devil’s Advocate
05. Day Of Reckoning
06. Sorceror Of Black Magic
07. Misfit
08. The Demon Is God
09. Church Of Disgust
10. Destroyer Or Creator
11. Sheep Of The Regime

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