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Swamp Thing - Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing “Swamp Thing”

Swamp Thing - Swamp ThingShort, punishing and what hardcore is supposed to be (in my eyes). I am talking about Swamp Thing’s up and coming self-titled 7″. This 4 song release follows up their full length “In Shame” and builds upon on the great things it started. Unfortunately I won’t be writing much about a 7 minute album, but here goes a good try!

Unfortunately there isn’t much information out there on Swamp Thing so I will just write a little something on each song. Swamp Thing is a straight up hardcore band with hooks reminiscent of “Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire” by Hatebreed. They have the same inner youth anger Hatebreed once had as well. The guitar work is precise, although simple for the most part (not a negative by any means) but perfectly executed. The drum work is very hardcore punk, maybe some late 90’s sounds. Vocally, it is more of a new blend of hardcore/metalcore which I think is what makes Swamp Thing stand out a bit.

The 4 song self-titled album starts you off with “I Never Knew” which is just an angry heavy hitting smash. As the great Natalie Perez would say, “a whirlwind of head banging.” Fuck I hate her, what the hell was wrong with Thrash Magazine in 2007. Anyways, some of the lyrical genius of Swamp Thing is previewed in this track,

So do I keep spitting teeth or let these bruises swallow me?
But I never knew what the problem was until I opened my eyes
Everyone’s in love with the mirror, tailoring their own disguise
You beautiful coward

I am not even sure how or what to say about this album in its fullest. It really is everything I want in a hardcore band, with the benefit of some crafty and experienced lyrical content. Next up, 1 minute later is “Out of Character,” starting off slowly, but building you up for some more angry screams, heavily influenced hardcore guitar licks and strong drums. This is a perfect sing along song for the fans, with scream lines like “I don’t know what to fucking say, I play too much with insanity, Convince me again just to love your act” or “Preacher, Preacher try and save me while your flock has burned, Because I just can’t feel here anymore, My life, my way, My way out. This song also has some modern sounding hooks in it, with a little metal feel as well.

“Clout” is a short, in your face hardcore song following up the longer “Out of Character.” Same standard sound, just executed perfectly. Finally you are ended with “I Know You,” probably my favorite track. Lyrical content is on fire with this song, as well as some perfectly timed sing along sections that will keep everyone dancing in the pit.

You don’t need a purpose to just fucking survive
The ones throwing stones at me are living shit for lives
No, I haven’t lost it
But I’ve learned to live with me
I’ve learned to smile with those voices inside of me
When you poison youth with age you’ll see
I’m not the fucking problem

When you grow you lose your soul and that’s that shit I wasn’t told
Grab someone to love and hold because this world gets fucking cold
I won’t lose me

Hopefully when they do grow old (I know they are in their early 20’s I believe) they don’t lose their soul. This band needs to get recognition and hopefully soon before they give up for the 9-5. This is the first hardcore album I have heard in a long time, at least since “In Shame”, that makes me believe hardcore is still a formidable musical genre. Hardcore has a lot of shit, Swamp Thing is not it. Release another full length already! What the hell am I supposed to do with 7 minutes of Swamp Thing other than want more? I do want to note that while writing this review I listened to the album 9 times, I guess that’s a benefit!

01. I Never Knew
02. Out of Character
03. Clout
04. I Know You

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