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Agnostic Front “My Life My Way”

Agnostic Front, a name that has defined NY hardcore forever, or at least since the 80’s which at times seems like forever, is back with a new release, My Life My Way. It’s been a while since we have heard from Agnostic Front, and even longer since they have released an album that has been hailed as a true return to form. My Life My Way is not exactly the Agnostic Front you remember from 1984 of course, but to be fair what band has remained unchanged over almost thirty years? Not many. It’s not like they turned into In Flames or anything horrible like that, it’s just that fans looking for Victim in Pain are not going to get Victim in Pain, which would be an unrealistic thing to expect anyway. My Life My Way is a little more cohesive than some of the efforts they released after the reformation of the band in the nineties, and it does contain many elements and some of the feel of the band as they were in the eighties, with the additional thrash influence of later years.

Musically the band are still as tight as they were on Warriors, but the guitars have a bit more punk while not letting up all that much on the thrash-ier side. Drums are still the same, quality hardcore drumming that fits perfectly with the simple song structure style that has been a hallmark of Agnostic Front since the beginning. Vocally this is where we see more of a change in Roger Miret, more raw emotion, a little less tough guy Hatebreed aesthetic and more about pride and unity. Gang vocals are of course present in the chorus. I think some of Agnostic Front’s older fans will appreciate this more than recent efforts. Songs like City Streets, Us Against the World, and the title track all speak to the way of life, the hardcore ethos and living unapologetically for it. Some might argue with the line, “we stay the course never strayed off track” but they have, being one of the hardcore bands that started it all I think they have earned it.

Overall My Life My Way is a quality release from Agnostic Front, a hardcore album that looks back to their roots and still moves the band forward. Despite line up changes, break-ups, reformations and an ever changing scene, as well as undoubtedly huge industry pressure to be whatever is in favor at the moment, Agnostic Front have come back with a hardcore anthem worthy of their name.

Track Listing:

  1. City Streets
  2. More than a Memory
  3. Us Against the World
  4. My Life My Way
  5. That’s Life
  6. Self Pride
  7. Until the Day I Die
  8. Now and Forever
  9. The Sacrifice
  10. A Mi Manera
  11. Your Worse Enemy
  12. Empty Dreams
  13. Time Has Come

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